Wooden's Wisdom Testimonials

Great teaching tool for training coaches. Should be required reading in state certification programs for coaches. I am trying to get United States Sports Academy to include in their on-line Basketball Coaching course. Thanks for your good work. - Glenn Snyder

Another great way to start the day with "Wooden's Wisdom". I feel so good and excited after reading something about Wooden and what he stood for. - Arthur Hamm

I love the Wooden Course and the emails that you send. These stories are relevant and always motivational. - Alton Clark

I stepped down from being a high school head coach this year to focus on other things. I am also a school counselor and they are perfect for my character classes with young people! Keep them coming! - Charlie Pope

I am the former Head Coach of Basketball at the University of Wisconsin in the Big Ten. I was also the National President of the fellowship of Christian athletes for 16 years. Coach Wooden and I and his family were close friends for more than 40 years. I have been impressed with your Wooden's Wisdom series and have saved every copy. I am now 84 and the oldest living former Head Coach at Wisconsin. Thanks for your great work - John Erickson

Thanks for these wonderful pearls. I have the opportunity to share these gems with my players. I am very grateful to you. - John Moore Westmont College

The content that "Wooden's Wisdom" provides me on a weekly basis is so good that I fear sharing it all with my colleagues because I selfishly want to keep all of Coach's wisdom to myself! - Alton D. Clark Jacksonville University Men's Basketball

I look forward to receiving these emails every week. They are refreshing for the mind and soul. Thanks! - Mark E. Darnall

Thanks for putting all of Woodens Wisdom out there for all to see. It is appreciated. - Ron Slaymaker. Former college coach of 40 years and a fan of coach Wooden

As a longtime advocate and admirer of Coach Wooden his words of wisdom helped me greatly as a coaching lifer. His comments and examples are excellent and they extend far beyond the boundaries of the sports arena. I am most greatful to receive your material. - Coach Lee Rose

I've been receiving Wooden's Wisdom since January, but had put them aside til I had more time to read. Well finally I took the time and OMGness how wonderful they are! Had no idea what I've been missing all this time. Please keep 'em coming. I am missing a few issues. How do I go about getting them? Issue1 vol 2-10 , 13, and 15. Sincere thanks. - Jami Littlejohn

I'm very excited about this weekly newsletter and for being fortunate in discovering Wooden's Wisdom; never too late as they say. I am a pharmacy educator, responsible for coordinating training and education for a staff of ~ 140 people; all ages and backgrounds. I am entering my third year in the position. I hope to use the exercises to help me become a better teacher and to help others become better in their jobs and in their lives. Thank you for this opportunity - Diane Soulliard

I enjoy receiving Wooden's Wisdom. The material is excellent and I use it in some of the courses that I teach here at Northland International University. It is also a blessing to me personally. Thanks for sending it out regularly. God bless. - Dennis Scott

What a great idea to share this John Wooden material! I find it inspiring to review his thoughts often in this time of turmoil in the athletic world. We can't all be Coach Wooden, but we can all use a little quiet time alone to think about why we do what we do. Like today's athlete and parent and administrator we can all use a little help with the fundamentals. - Paul Patterson, Taylor University

I really appreciate receiving Wooden's Wisdom through the NABC, and share it with my grandkids, sons, friends, and even my pastor who is a former player. - Al Nordquist

Continue to be inspired by the words, thoughts and deeds of the greatest coach of all time. - Coach T

The Wooden's Wisdom is outstanding. A must for everyone young and old! - Jerry Kobasa

Love getting these emails. Keep 'em coming! - Travis Carruthers, UT-Dallas Men's Basketball

It's excellent! - Todd Barry, Former Briar Cliff and Northwestern (IA) head coach

I simply love Wooden's Wisdom. I try to apply them to every part of my life as well as the court with our team here at Georgetown. - Robert Kirby

I love this stuff! - David Scrivines

Today, our grand kids were introduced to "Wooden's Wisdom". They loved it. Thank you for sharing him with us. - George Terzian

I look forward to receiving your posts about Coach Wooden and I forward them to colleagues after reading. Not only do your emails reinforce my professional beliefs, they remind me of the importance of striving to be a better person. Even though I have retired from coaching, I find many uses for the "Wooden Wisdom" in my teaching and student advising roles. Thanks again and please keep the emails coming. - Mike Sutton

This is great stuff. - Jim Clark

Thank you for sending all the information on Wooden Wisdom this year. It was great and I hope you continue to include my staff in your emails!!! Today's players and coaches need to somehow get a better understanding of teaching, competition, and sportsmanship. - Sam Harris, Trevecca Basketball

I love these words of wisdom for life. Thanks. - B White

I think it is wonderful!!! How can I/we repay you for your sharing of the Wooden's Wisdom pieces. Can I get a book? - Joan and Bill Knapton

Your synopsis on Coach Wooden's Pyramid's SKILL block is very powerful and right on target! As a high school girl's basketball coach, it fits in perfectly with are student-athlete's post-season mind-set preparation and future learning. - Steve Yarnell

As always a high spot in my day. There is something for everyone in each Wooden wisdom and a great "life lesson" to share with friends and colleagues. - Mike Sutton

Great concepts to live by. I'm in the evaluating process now, as I prepare for next season. Thanks for the correspondence. - Bobby Braswell

I Love my Wooden Wisdom. - RK

Awesome, rules to live by, to nurture your children with. Just plain Aweome! - Bob Randall

This was excellent. Love the quotes from Coach and from Newton and Franklin. Good stuff. Thanks for all you do! - Bryce Bow, Florida Christian College Director of Athletics

Thank you so much for your time and efforts regarding "WOODEN's WISDOM!"I really enjoyed your synopsis of Coach Wooden's thoughts on "CONFIDENCE!" - Steve Yarnell

Outstanding as usual. Thanks for sharing this message. - Raymond Shovlain, Director of AthleticsAssistant Professor, College of BusinessHead Men's Basketball CoachSt. Ambrose University

Great stuff! - Matthew Brayton, Head Men's Basketball Coach James E. Taylor High School

This part of the Wooden Philosophy shows how to be a positive individual and leader. - Peggy Moon

I loved it! I am looking forward to each of the issues; yet to come. - Kathy Wenig

Wow, what a great thought to start my day. I always enjoy your emails, sometimes they are perfect for what lies ahead in my day. Great timing!! Pease keep up the great job of reminding us to raise the standard. - Sam Harris

We really appreciate you sending me the John Wooden course. I have shared it with my small group in our church. And also at a recent Joint Meeting of the Deacons and Elders. I coached at Indiana State for 9 years and we knew John and Nell. He was truly a great mentor. - Gordon Stauffer

THANK YOU for all your work done on the series of Coach Wooden's Course -- you did a terrific job on those -- they were more than wonderful and so informative for young people as guidelines for their life. I am a former NABC member of the board directors and served as the Chair or President around 1975 and also have served on the board of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame for about 34 years -- thanks again. - Bill Foster, former head college coach at Bloomsburg Univ. Pa., Rutgers Univ., Univ. of Utah, Duke University, Univ. of South Carolina and Northwestern Univ.

One word: Excellent! Thank you! - Mike Ellison

I feel like in coaching there are many opportunities to whine, complain, or make excuses. Coach Wooden was wise to understand that your outlook often controls the outcome. - Jeremy Williams

All I can say is, "WOW!" The contents are perfect, to include the practical application as well as the video clip is a stroke of genius. You're the best! - Gerry Impelman

Thank you for these emails. I read them as soon as I get them. Very inspiring and encouraging to continue to coach with Faith. Today's issue was great. I love the Abraham Lincoln quote, "The worst thing you can do for those you love is the things they could and should do for themselves." Thanks again for the emails, I look forward to reading and learning more. All The best! - Corky Corky McMullen, Rutgers Basketball

These are all great! All 41 have been amazing. This one however, was the most simplistic and it speaks volumes to why Coach Wooden was so wildly successful..these maxims create not just wins, but also legacies! - Billy Lange, Villanova

Craig, thanks so much for sharing all of Coach's philosophy on life. I try to apply his principals every day in coaching our team here at Young Harris. You're the best. - Coach Pete Herrmann

Craig, This is great stuff. Although I left active coaching in 1980 I keep up with the sports world and still teach some classes at the Professional Golfers Careers College in Temecula Ca. one in Psychology and one in Personal Finance and often draw on Coach Wooden's wisdom as well as pass it on to my colleagues at the college, several of whom are former high school and college coaches, so keep the wisdom coming! Gratefully. - Gary Hess, Former Head Coach at West Virginia Wesleyan College, NABC Member

This series is great. I have been a Wooden student for my entire adult life. I live by many of his lessons. - Richard Myrlak

I love getting this stuff. It is so good to read all of these and use them with my own team and staff or just as a person. - Gregory Lansing, Indiana State

Thank you for sharing so much with all of the coaches. He brought so much to the table! - Ray Zebro, Old Tappan High School, Old Tappan, New Jersey

Keep doing what you are doing. It's great stuff! - David Scrivines

You did a very nice job with these and those in the Pyramid of Success - keep up the good work - Bill Foster

Have used Wooden Wisdom for pre-game and practice talks and discussions! Thank you and please include me in Year Two - Sam Harris, Trevecca

I have used concepts, teachings and sayings every day in my personal and professional life! A true blueprint for success! - David Pauley, Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, PA

I find this material very meaningful, both in my own life and in my Sports Psychology classes - please include me in all future mailings. - Paul Patterson, Taylor Unviversity

Love all the issues! I use them in my college class of foundations of physical education, exercise and sport. I don't have any idea how to make them better, they are excellent as they stand! - Larry Graham, Lindenwood University

Being a close follower of Coach Wooden and a Basketball coach I have really enjoyed these articles. I use this material every day in practice. - Rick Cotter

Thank you so much! I have really enjoyed all the issues. I always tried to take something from each issue to see if I could apply it to my daily or coaching life. I would definitely recommend it - Chris Fruehling

Craig - met you at the Final 4. Enjoyed your presentation. This series on Coach Wooden has been incredible for our coaches and players. We incorporate all we can in our life skill seminars each week. I appreciate all you do for the game of basketball. Keep up the good work! - Martin Gross, Texas A&M

The Wooden Wisdom Experience has been fantastic. I have and will continue to apply them in my daily life and also in coaching. I can't wait for Wooden Wisdom Year Two! - Tom Flaherty

I love this website and the newsletters. Such great information for young coaches to share with players and peers. - Chris Roy, West Forsyth High School