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Issue 364 - Fairness, Respect and Trust (Joe Torre Part Seven)

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Wooden's Wisdom - Volume 8 Issue 364
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Hall of Famer Joe Torre was a major league manager for 30 seasons. From 1996 to 2007, Torre was the manager of the New York Yankees and guided the team to four World Series championships. He is one of only five managers in history to win four or more World Series titles and one of only two in history to win three titles in a row.
In his book Ground Rules for Winners, Torre writes about three essential qualities he felt any manager, supervisor or coach must have and develop to be successful:
"Fairness, respect, and trust are the three ingredients in any recipe for teamwork. Offer fairness and trust to your team players, and they will do in kind. Not only will your employees grant you the decency you grant them, they will begin to demonstrate these values with one another, which only cements the togetherness and commitment that fuels great team work.
For the most part—whether you're managing in the world of sports, school, or business—when you give workers ample amounts of freedom and responsibility, including a clear set of guidelines for professional conduct, they usually meet or exceed your expectations."
In his book, Torre provids five guidelines for what he refers to as "straight communication" which he believes is the foundation for maintaining fairness, respect and trust:
  1. "Identify individual needs: Figure out what each individual needs in the way of communication, be it support, motivation, technical help, or the proverbial "kick in the rear."
  2. Time your talks: Determine when the "door is open" for communication with a particular team player. Know when you have to nudge it open with helpful or directive comments.
  3. Acknowledge emotions: Let team players know that you accept the range of their emotions, including fear, uncertainty, and anxiety.
  4. Get issues out on the table: Managers and team players must be able to air grievances and deal with problems in an open manner, respectfully but without holding back. Otherwise, conflicts and resentments fester, sapping motivation and undermining teamwork.
  5. Use team talk to ventilate and motivate: Managers can use team meetings to air problems and motivate groups and individuals. In my view, team meetings have their place, but they're like chili peppers—a few add zest to your dish; too many and you're asking for trouble."
Do you have "straight communication" with your team?
Are you building fairness, respect and trust?

Yours in Coaching,
Craig Impelman




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Just about the time the clouds are blackest
Let your thoughts go roving to the sun,
Just about the time your job is hardest
Think how glad you'll be when it is done.
Buckle to the task that you are facing,
Work away and pretty soon you'll find
All the little difficulties vanished,
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Don't waste time in thinking what may happen,
Plug along and do the best you can,
That's the way to show the stuff you 're made of,
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