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Legendary Coach and Leader John Wooden

About John Wooden

John Wooden spent his life reading about and studying great leaders such as Confucius, Aristotle, Shakespeare, and Lincoln. He spent 14 years developing the famed Pyramid of Success and made improvements over the remainder of his life. John Wooden documented his understanding of personal or professional improvement, great leadership, team building, and true success. He shared his ideas and wisdom with renowned leadership professionals and coaches.

Author - He wrote 14 books (12 after he turned 90 years young):

  • A Game Plan for Life: The Power of Mentoring
  • Coach Wooden One-on-One: Inspiring Conversations on Purpose, Passion and the Pursuit of Success
  • Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success: Building Blocks for a Better Life
  • Coach Wooden's Leadership Game Plan for Success: 12 Lessons for Extraordinary Performance and Personal Excellence
  • Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success
  • John Wooden's UCLA Offense
  • Life Wisdom from Coach Wooden: Inspiring Thoughts from the UCLA Coaching Legend
  • My Personal Best: Life Lessons from an All-American Journey
  • Practical Modern Basketball
  • Quotes from Coach John Wooden: Winning with Principle
  • The Essential Wooden: A Lifetime of Lessons on Leaders and Leadership
  • The Wisdom of Wooden: A Century of Family, Faith, and Friends
  • They Call Me Coach
  • Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court
  • Wooden on Leadership: How to Create a Winning Organization

The cover of one of Wooden's Books; Inch and Miles
One of John Wooden's Books

Wooden Coaching Courtside
Wooden Coaching Courtside

Coach - As an NCAA Division I men's basketball coach, John Wooden continued to learn his craft. He improved how he recruited players and assistant coaches. He learned from others how to get the best ideas and performance from everyone, including himself. Once he focused on things within his control, his teams:

  • Won 10 NCAA championships in 10 championship games (next best 5)
  • Won 7 consecutive NCAA Championships (next best 2)
  • Won 38 consecutive NCAA tournament victories and also won the next best 13 consecutive NCAA tournament victories on a separate streak
  • Completed 4 undefeated seasons (next best 1)

Awards - Two of John Wooden’s most cherished of his many awards included:

  • Presidential Medal of Freedom - The nation’s highest honor a president can bestow on a civilian.
  • Greatest Coach in the History of American Sports - In 2009 Sporting News Magazine published their list of the 50 greatest coaches of all time, as selected by a panel of 118 Hall of Famers, championship coaches and other experts. Coach Wooden garnered 57 first-place votes from the panel. Green Bay Packers great Vince Lombardi came in second place, picking up 20 first-place votes.

Wooden Shaking hand with President George W. Bush
Wooden Shaking hands with President George W. Bush

A portrait of John Wooden.
A portrait of John Wooden

Mentees, Collaborators, and Fans

For 35 years after he retired from basketball coaching, John Wooden became one of America's premier authors, life coaches, and public speakers. Noted leadership and motivational speakers such as Jim Collins, Ken Blanchard, Steven Covey, John Maxwell. and Bill Gates sought his wisdom. Countless coaches and athletes listened to his simple, true, concise, and direct advice for constant improvement.

At Wooden's Wisdom we continue teaching John Wooden's leadership philosophy. Whether you knew John Wooden or not, his positive attitude, careful planning, and processes serve as a model that can lead your organization and you to unbounded success. Our goal is to share his timeless wisdom through video clips of Coach Wooden himself, customized presentations and workbooks for your organization, and memorable John Wooden quotes.

The Pyramid of Success

The Definition of Success
  • Coach Wooden coined his definition of success in 1934 for his students to strive for a goal.
  • “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you are capable.”
The Need for a Visual Aid

Coach Wooden quickly realized he was only halfway there. "The definition was not having the desired effect on the students who were under my supervision,” he once explained. “It was abject, just a definition.” He recognized that his students needed something more - a diagram, a guide, a map - something they could see and follow to their ultimate destination. Coach Wooden wanted something unique to embody his own personal coaching philosophy.

While he was a Purdue student, Coach studied the Great Pyramid of Giza. Built on a strong foundation with huge cornerstones that were the most important part of the structure, it rose to an apex that gave it its distinct shape. The symbolism fit. For the next 14 years, Coach chose 15 blocks and 10 pieces of mortar for his Pyramid of Success that he believed represented the qualities and characteristics an individual or team would need to meet the definition he had established.

Coach made many changes to the Pyramid over the years he spent developing it. Only the original cornerstones of industriousness and enthusiasm and the mortar of faith and patience at the apex were never altered from his first draft to its finished form. But as he perfected his design, each block was strategically placed.

“Although a greater amount of space could be devoted to any individual heading in the pyramid, I believe that the very brief comments under each should suffice and encourage the person to give the particular point additional thought.”

“Before discontinuing the explanation, I should like to call attention to the top of the structure. The apex is success and it must be remembered that it is success according to my definition.”

“Furthermore, success is not easy to attain and the connecting points, faith and patience, to the apex are meant to indicate this.”

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you are capable.”
Coach Wooden's Thoughts as He Designed the Pyramid
  • Cornerstones - “Any structure must be built on a solid foundation and the cornerstones of the foundation are the most significant part of it. You will note that the cornerstones of this structure are Industriousness and Enthusiasm.”
  • Involving Others - Coach felt Friendship, Loyalty, and Cooperation were essential because “they involved including others. When we include others, we add strength.”
  • Control and Direction of Your Mental Faculties - Exercise Self-Control to “help, prevent, correct, and improve” through discipline, maintain Alertness “to see the many things around us from which we can learn”, learn to act with Initiative “when action is needed without fear of failure”, have Intentness to attain “a realistic objective that leaves us stronger than we were before.”
  • Heart of the Structure - Coach Wooden wrote, “The heart of the body is extremely important and since architects have been known to stress the heart of buildings that they have created, I selected three outstanding essentials: Condition, Skill, and Team Spirit to comprise the heart of the structure.”
  • Connecting Blocks - “Confidence and Poise both come from being prepared and are vital requisites for being a good competitor. Those who lack confidence in themselves are certain to be lacking in poise and will be pressing when the going gets tough. The front runners are easy to find, but all coaches are constantly searching for those individuals who excel when excellent performance is necessary.”
  • Apex - poise and confidence “are vitally interwoven in the process of reaching the apex,” Competitive Greatness.

You may print a copy of “The Pyramid of Success” to share with your team.

Wooden's Wisdom Testimonials

Thank you for sending these e-mails. I found them to be very interesting with pearls of wisdom and good reminders of the important things in life. I did share them with my husband and two sons, all of whom have coached athletes from childhood up to adults. Very inspirational!
Robin Goodwin - Wake Forest, Sports Medicine Administrative Coordinator

I like reading the weekly updates. I also forward it to the coaches that I oversee. Appreciate the wisdom!
Matt Singer - Athletic Administration Assistant A.D./Facilities & Operations, Sacramento State University

Excellent publication. I enjoy receiving the 'Wisdom' emails and constantly find myself referring to them each week as I coach my team.
Russell Payne - Army West Point, Head Men's Soccer Coach

I would just like to thank you for the Wooden's Wisdom Newsletter. Ever since I looked at the first issue I received. The information has remained relevant, encouraging, and informative! Keep up the great work!
In Sports - Assistant Coach Vanessa Taylor - Coastal Carolina Women's Basketball

I think with the basketball season being so long, the wisdom newsletter always giving a grounding perspective to bring you back to center and remind you why you are doing what you do. I share with anyone who wants to get better every day.
Veronica Mullen - Director of WBB Operations, Miami Women's Basketball

I enjoy receiving and reading weekly Wooden's Wisdom. It gives me a weekly developmental tools to personally work on. I share a lot of the content with colleagues and family members as reminders and tool to utilize in their everyday lives. I look forward to this series continuing and great work!
Eric Starks - Senior Account Executive, Northwestern University

I appreciate the newsletter tremendously. I look forward to continuing to review/share the newsletter with friends and colleagues.
Bryce Only - Graduate Assistant Softball, Jacksonville University Athletics

I love reading & sharing Wooden's Wisdom. Great stuff.
Brian White - Assistant Football Coach, Boston College

It's a great piece. I do not currently share with anyone, but now that you mention it I have a few that I think would appreciate the content.
Zachary Roth, CSCS, SCCC - Assistant Olympic Strength and Conditioning Coach, Temple University

I was fortunate to know Coach Wooden while I was attending UCLA 1963-67. Coach Wooden loved to come to tennis practices and matches and he an Coach Tommy Prothro, football, would sit in the bleachers and converse. Our tennis Coach was JD Morgan who was also the Athletic director. Watching Coach Wooden's teams enjoy their successes was a highlight of my college career and I have found reading your Wooden's Wisdom emails a great source of inspiration as I conclude my own career.
Ian Crookenden - Head Tennis Coach, St. Joseph's University

I've really enjoyed receiving the weekly Wooden's Wisdom emails. They have been inspiring and have caused me to think about what I need to do to be more successful and to help others be successful. Thank you for your good work.
Gary Hahn - Wolfpack Sports Network, NC State University

I have read almost all books about or by Coach Wooden and Wooden's Wisdom is something I read each day that keeps me reminded of what he was all about.
David Elson - Defensive Coordinator, Ball State Football

Thanks for your email. It's tough to keep up with this and other reading, but I really enjoy it. Thank you for what you do! Go Cats!
Fred K. Smith - Associate Athletics Director, Development, Northwestern University

Thank you for reaching out. Wooden"s Wisdom is a great coaching tool and I read when I can. I appreciate you sending and yes I share with others. Keep up the good work.
Jermaine Henderson - Kansas State Basketball

I truly enjoy reading these emails. They are a perfect length to be read and understood. A lot of times they give me quick ideas or topics to share with our players. Keep up the good work!
Adam Pavkovich - Assistant Baseball Coach, University of Notre Dame Athletics

I've found these enjoyable, helpful, and beneficial.
Randale L. Richmond - Sr. Associate Athletic Director, Old Dominion University

I enjoy reading the Wooden's Wisdom. Have always been a fan since reading "They Call Me Coach" in college. The weekly letters are a great way to start the week with some motivation and ideas to use in your own way with your teams and culture! Thanks.
Meghan Gill - Davidson College, Assistant Coach Women's Soccer

I enjoy the emails. Thanks.
Beverly C. Knight - IUPUI Sponsorships, Auxiliary Services/Athletics

I have really enjoyed reading them, great to get a feel for a wonderful coach and some of his techniques. I have used some parts/quotes to forward to my team, and certainly forward to others also. Thanks for sending out the newsletter.
Jon Hammond, Head Rifle Coach, West Virginia University Athletic Dept.

This is very helpful and gives a lot of insightful information. My hope is that the people who receive it actually take a look and read the email.
Nathaniel Park, Assistant Equipment Manager, University of Maryland

Yes I have enjoyed these and have shared some the thoughts with my athletes and staff. I was actually hoping this was an email with more of his words of wisdom lol. Was not expecting an email from you directly. I just recently began saving each email. Each year leadership has been a key component to the success we have had as a football team here at North Dakota State University. Each year we try to grow and develop that leadership and as of recent years I have noticed that those seniors, maybe even juniors are hungry to lead, hungry to take the reins.
Jim Kramer - Director of Athletic Performance, Football, North Dakota State University

I enjoy reading them.. I do not share them....Thanks
Ruben Volta - Head Volleyball Coach, Sacramento State Athletics

I really enjoy this newsletter. John Wooden is a great mentor to me and I enjoy reading these as a part of my daily reflections as a coach. The layout is user friendly as well. Thanks again.
Marcus Holman - Assistant Lacrosse Coach, University of Utah

Very good. I read it weekly. Thanks.
Jay Hardwick - PGA Director of Golf Operations/Head Men's Golf Coach

Wooden's Wisdom is something that I look forward to EVERY day! It is my favorite way to start the day when I get into the office. Appreciate all that you do to keep Wooden alive today!
Danielle Cross - Assistant Coach, Women's Lacrosse, Binghamton University

I read Wooden's Wisdom as a reminder about some of the important aspects of coaching. I have used ideas from coach Wooden for a long time and he was one of the greatest coaches in all sports. I respect how he led players and cared for his players. Caring is a big part of our culture. I occasionally forward the emails to my assistant coaches as a part of their continued reading and education. Tom McIntosh - Men's Soccer Head Coach, The University of Tulsa Athletics

Great emails, really make me think and consider my coaching style and ways to improve it. I have shared a few, they are definitely valuable learning tools. Thanks for all of your hard work.
David Meagher - Sports Performance Coach, Santa Clara University

It's great stuff! I love it
Angel Escobedo - Indiana University Head Wrestling Coach

Absolutely love the newsletter. Don't always have time to watch videos, but definitely read the text. Implementing his wisdom is another matter altogether though. Thanks for producing and sending.
Neal Iwamoto - Assistant Media Relations Director, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, Athletics Department

I love the woodens wisdom newsletters. I think they are a great length of material and talk about very valuable aspects and areas of athletics and coaching. The only issue is that they often get hidden amongst the immense numbers of emails we as coaches receive daily. I wonder if you're able to find another means of sharing the newsletters so they don't fall behind the masses of emails? Myself and a few of my colleagues prefer to print the wisdom newsletters and have them a hard copies for easy reference with our athletes and for our own professional development. However the articles don't print well from the email... they often take up 4-6 pages with the margins etc. If there was a way for the emails to include a PDF copy of the article that was more print friendly I think that would be a huge help for us that prefer pen to paper over a computer screen. Thanks for all you do, a great resource!
Emily Carr - Assistant Coach, Indiana University Water Polo

I love reading these words of wisdom and I share them with my staff individually and as a group, depending on the words. We start our weekly staff (planning) meetings with a quote and most likely it is from your emails. Sometimes it prompts discussion and other times, it is just received without conversation. I sometime also share the entire subject matter, all depends on what I get from it and the timing. Thanks for the offer of feedback and thanks for sharing Coach's words Roxann Moody - Assistant Athletic Director, Equipment Services, Wake Forest University Athletics

I appreciate reading these when I can. Please keep them coming.
Jeremy Webb - Information Technology, Air Force Academy

I appreciate what you do with Wooden's Wisdom. I enjoy receiving it. I do share it with others sometimes. Thank you.
Jerry Pickle - Assistant AD, Rice University

I enjoy reading them and try to implement quotes and ideas from what I gather. Thank you for spreading the word!
Harlan Lopez - Assistant Track/Coach Cross Country, St. Mary's College

I enjoy getting this newsletter, and I do share with others that may be in need of some inspiration for the day. I think it would be great to continue these. Thank you !
Teresa Barnes - Administrative Support Associate, Auburn University

I can say with complete sincerity - these emails are something I truly look forward to each week. They are inspirational and I often share with coaches throughout the department. I have printed out the Pyramid of Success and keep it on my desk. I've even noticed other coaches around the building have it in their office as well. Thank you so much for the work you do.
Mark Stanton - Compliance Coordinator, University of Richmond

I have really enjoyed the newsletters. I read them as soon as I get them in my email.
Marcia Mecklenburg - Track & Field Women's Head Coach, Eastern Washington University

Thanks for sending these out. Some are more useful than others, but I do enjoy seeing them.
Ron Ohringer - Equipment Head Manager, University of Maryland

Always nice to read comments and thoughts and philosophies from a legend like Coach Wooden. It is also quite applicable to coaching today!
Ronald Rainey - Head Women's Soccer Coach, Dartmouth College

Thank you! I enjoy seeing these emails come through, however I do not have much input. I appreciate your hard work and dedication!
Steven Westerduin - Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Event Management, Fordham University

I have enjoyed reading the emails. We use some of the content with our leadership group and it has been very helpful. Thank you for sharing!
Michelle Burrell - Head Woman's Softball Coach, Binghamton University

I have enjoyed reading the blogs. I'm not coaching, but the positive approach is refreshing & applicable in so many areas of life. Thanks for posting.
Lisa Varnum - Sports Medicine, UC Davis

Really appreciate Coach Wooden's masterful philosophy's, it's such an inspiration to see all these quotes. Thanks for sharing!
Joey Lum - Sacramento State Women's Soccer, Director of Soccer Operations

I personally like the emails and wisdom. Especially during the season, although sometimes it's hard to find time for causal reading. However, when I do, I find great keys that I often reflect on for the day, week, scout, etc. I think that we, as coaches and leaders, sometimes need to take 5 minutes to read and allow someone's wisdom to speak to us as we are so caught up in "whatever is next". I hope this helps! All the best,
Andy Farrell - Director of Scouting and Program Development Men; Basketball, University of Dayton

This is really great stuff! I was privileged to hear Coach Wooden in person in Indy back in the early 2000's. I forward some of these out to former students and coaching colleagues from time to time. Thankful that this platform exists.
Bo Morris - Men's Gymnastics Assistant Coach, College of William and Mary

I appreciate the communication and would be happy to share some thoughts on Wooden's Wisdom. I have been a fan of John Wooden and the difference he made in so many lives, and not just through sports. However, through sports I gained an appreciation for being an athlete and have personally tried to maintain much of his wisdom in my personal life as well as the youth summer camp programs I oversee her at UC Irvine. It is and has been a blessing. The way I've been able to infuse the language and the lessons into our camp curriculum has made a difference in the growth and development the 2000+ campers who participate with us each summer. I hope these brief words have been helpful. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, of if you need additional information.
Gerald D. Parham - Director, Program Development, UC Irvine Intercollegiate Athletics

Thank you for sharing. I enjoy the reading!
Eyal Zimet - Assistant Coach Dartmouth College - Women's Volleyball

I have been enjoying the emails. More than I can possibly express in words. I grew up without a Father, and learning about Wooden is like hearing what a Father should have said to me had I had one. My Father recently passed. I have two teenage children that I try to pass on these lessons to. It does not seem like they are listening to me most of the time. However, My daughter came off of the Fencing strip (She is s senior) last week smiling and she lost. I knew
she was reading them too! She probably did not want me to know that she was listening to me.
I get very excited when one enters my email. He was a man of such true Character. You have been very fortunate to have known him.
If I may say, I wish the videos where longer. Even if you gave them. I need to hear more of these videos. As a working Mother I multitask and do not have the time to sit and read. The videos are great. Just not enough of them. I like the panel discussion type. I think it is "in". Thank you, Craig. So much.
Antonetta Mattern - CPA, Stony Brook University

I love it. I as a former D1 basketball player and a coach of my kids various teams, these emails reinforce many of the life lessons I try to teach my kids. In fact, JUST THIS MORNING I read to my son exerts from the email related to failure and not worrying as much about the outcome (grades or wins) as being prepared and putting forth your best effort. Keep up the good work!
Jeremy Kees - Ph.D. The Richard J. and Barbara Naclerio Endowed Chair in Business, Professor of Marketing, Director, Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights, Villanova University

I'm not sure why or how I started receiving these emails but I'm glad I did. They're helpful. Overall, they helped me gain a greater understanding of hard work, professionalism and friendship. The newsletters have turned into something I look forward to weekly.
Jamal Adjamah - External Relations Marketing Graduate Assistant, Jacksonville University

I love reading the stories and the messages every week! I appreciate the messages, I relay them to our football team quite regularly!
Cody Stout - Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning, University of Colorado

I greatly enjoy reading and contemplating your weekly emails. Please continue to send them. I have forwarded several on to others. If they want to be added to your distribution list, what is the best way to do so?
Frank Hodge - Faculty Athletic Representative, University of Washington

I really enjoy getting the Wooden's Wisdom newsletter. I found it to be inspirational and I do share it with others. Thanks for sending these along. Great tool!
Steve Sullivan - Director of Development, Athletics, Oregon State University

I have forwarded the emails to youth coaches, students and my kids! Really good lessons that stand the test of time across all avenues.
Scott Oliaro - Sports Medicine Associate Director of Sports Medicine, University of North Carolina

I read this every chance I get. I have been coaching in college athletics for the last 37 years and essentially grown up reading and watching all I could get on John Wooden!!!
I use it every day in my coaching and although I have read or seen almost of it before, these emails are a great reminder each time. Coach Wooden's principles and teachings are a timeless coaching resource in my opinion that never go out of style.
David Jarvis - Head Baseball Coach, Belmont University

I am not sure how I became fortunate enough to be on the list to receive these but I really appreciate and enjoy them. Me and my deputy for development talk about them and share with our staff. I also often share the lessons with my teenage daughters. Thanks!
Michael Kelly - Vice President of Athletics, University of South Florida

As a former college football coach and having grown up in the 70's, I find these emails extremely nostalgic, informative and very relevant to college athletes today.
I forward to my son (former college baseball player) as the topics are very relatable for those just entering the workforce.
Scott C. Walker - Director of Academic Services for Student Athletes, Rutgers University

I have been very pleased to receive "Wooden's Wisdom". I look forward to them each week! While I fall far short of the dedication that John Wooden devoted to his sport and other activities I am inspired to strive to focus more, be more thoughtful and observe more as a result of each week's offering. I do share with a number of people in my family and have a young grandson who I believe can benefit from these. I have given him one of Coach Wooden's books as a result. Thank you for sharing.
Marilyn Bria - Varsity Club, Michigan State

Thank you for sharing this newsletter. I am a big fan and have enjoyed reading these. Somehow I missed Issue #4, any chance you could please resend it?
Jose "Keno" Gandara - Head Volleyball Coach | University of Miami Athletics

I really enjoy getting Wooden's Wisdom in my mailbox and look forward to reading more about a legendary role model and coach each time. I appreciate you doing this, especially for young coaches like myself who need great role models to be the next great leaders of today's and tomorrow's youth.

Thank you for your email! I love my Wooden's Wisdom and have no suggestions because it's great!
Ryan Wellner - Associate Head Men's Lacrosse Coach, United States Naval Academy

Thanks for your email. I am really enjoying Wooden's Wisdom emails. I will use bits and pieces to share with my team and also incorporate things into my own coaching and personal life. Keep them coming!
Manya Puppione - Assistant Women's Soccer Coach, University of Maryland

I really appreciate receiving the subject emails & do take time to read them & forward along to my staff. Personally, they help remind me each time I receive the letters
Mike Gaddie - Associate Athletic Director (Sports Medicine/Athletic Training), Western Kentucky University

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Wooden's Wisdom and have shared it with our head hockey coach, as well as my son who is an assistant men's soccer coach, my husband and his brother. We all have enjoyed the knowledge that Coach Wooden and thank you for sharing it with us. My husband, son and I had the opportunity to hear Coach Wooden speak at our Miller Auditorium a few years back and we purchased his book. I know that my son uses that book as a reference when he needs some inspiration. I am also an advisor with the Synchronized Skating team and I am constantly sharing Coach Wooden's wisdom with them as they train for upcoming competitions and daily life on campus. Keep up the good work, and thank you for sharing these pearls to us. Have a great day.
Lynn Ross, Business Manager, Western Michigan Hockey

I have really enjoyed the Wooden's Wisdom emails. They often come at times I need them most. I usually forward my favorite ones to my family. My dad is a college football coach and we are big on relating life's difficulties to sports. I've always loved how Wooden's words apply to life as well as basketball. Thank you! Keep doing what you do!
Deidra DeMoss - Assistant Athletic Trainer: Volleyball, Lacrosse, & Women's Track and Field Davidson College

I very much like they emails. I like to read and learn about the way Coach Wooden went about coaching. The lessons can be life changing. Thank you.
Alan Lollar - Head Rifle Coach, Murray State Racers

I think Wooden's Wisdom is great. You do a good job of not making each one too lengthy. They are short and to the point....perfect. Thanks
Gabe Gross - Assistant Baseball Coach, Auburn University

Love it - appreciate you sending weekly. Thanks! Anchor Down!
Lauren M. Middleton - Associate Director of Athletics Development, Vanderbilt University

I thank you for sharing Coach Wooden's timeless wisdom with me. I feel the information is motivating and inspirational but also helps me refocus on core values daily. I did not share your emails with our staff but certainly will in the future.
Tom Borrelli - Head Wrestling Coach, Central Michigan University

I've been sharing with a local high school athletics director so that he can share with his coaches.
Kent Brown - Associate AD/Media Relations, University of Illinois Athletics

I really don't have any feedback other than keep it up. I really do like the Wooden's Wisdom.
Rashinda Reed - Assistant Volleyball Coach, University of Illinois

Growing up on the West Coast I was a hug fan of Coach Wooden's success at UCLA and his Pyramid of Success. When I landed my first job, I actually used his format, and inserted my personal goals, to establish the core values of our baseball program. I have continued to do so for the past 40 years. Each time I receive one of your emails, I highlight one of his great quotes, and post it in our locker room to share with our players. Words to live by, thanks you for your newsletter! Rock Chalk.
Ritch Price - Head Coach, Kansas Baseball

Hi Craig - thank you for your note... and especially Wooden's Wisdom. I work with student-athletes from an academic perspective at Penn State and also supervise some staff members... so I find the information you share to be helpful reminders for me with how to treat and communicate with others. I also share them with 2 of my colleagues... one who has some major responsibilities and needs to make challenging decisions and one who I know if a big fan of Coach Wooden. The feedback is typically very positive overall. The only small critique from one of the folks is they love the video but find the content to be a little long. I find it to be very worthwhile and appreciate it very much. Thanks and best wishes.
Jim Weaver - Associate Director, Counseling, Eligibility & Compliance & Academic Counselor, Penn State

Thank you! These are amazing! Ryan Wellner - Associate Head Men's Lacrosse Coach, United States Naval Academy

I love it - I have always been a fan of Coach Wooden and get a lot out of the weekly installments-Thanks!
Jeff Jordan - Director of Player Personnel - SMU Football #PonyUpDallas

I love reading the articles. I have read every book that Coach Wooden has written.
Patrick Bailey - Head Baseball Coach, Oregon State University

Craig thank you for sending the Wooden's Wisdom. I always read them and I always enjoy them. Thanks again.
Dan Spencer - Washington State University Athletics, Associate Head Coach

I enjoy reading the Wooden Wisdom emails that I receive and is a good positive read during the workday. I have actually taken some of the quotes from the emails and used them in my work and personal life as motivation factors. Overall I am enjoying the emails and Coach's wisdom and motivation.
Michelle Christie - 10B2-North Carolina State, Ticket Services Account Executive - North Carolina State

These are fantastic
Michael Dixon - Associate Head Wrestling Coach, Indiana University

My feedback is that I love receiving the quotes!
Ceal Barry - Deputy Athletic Director/SWA, University of Colorado

Thank you for the email and I would be happy to provide you with some feedback. I think the Wooden Wisdom emails are very insightful and professional. I would say that a possible change would be to make the Coach Wooden videos more prominent. I know I love to see him give the information via the videos and it sparked me to search for similar content. I also have shared this with my boss as well as several other coaches here on the Yard. It also has been a talking point for many conversations recently with my colleagues, and I have encouraged them to utilize this invaluable resource. Thank you for putting this together and sharing it with me.
John Moreland - Men's Tennis Associate Head Coach

No constructive feedback honestly. Just wanted to send you a note of appreciation. I have Woodens pyramid of success on the wall to the left of my desk and I just finished reading "A Game Plan for Life."

Yes I love these. I share them mainly with my family but sometimes co-workers as well. Enjoy all of the sage advice and guidance. I hope that you continue to send these. It is one email I always make sure to take the time to read! Happy Holidays!
Jamie Linn - Senior Account Executive, Husker IMG Sports Marketing

This is good stuff to learn from. I like the messages and will take any opportunity to learn from others. I don't pass this along to anyone other than to share some relevant topics with my kids. Great work on this.
John Portland - Associate AD/Facilities & Operations North Carolina State

I am a Strength and Conditioning Coach at NC State University and I have really enjoyed receiving Wooden's Wisdom every week. After the first week, I began sharing it with my softball team. Something that started as "Twitter Tuesday" turned into me reading your emails to them. They listen intently and love hearing the inspirational messages every week. It is always a good reminder that their sport is important, but there is so much more to life. That was my intent with reading it to them every week. I hope this is the feedback you wanted! I look forward to more Wooden's Wisdom after the first of the year!

I enjoy reading these and learning. I also share via social media. It's amazing that as much as society has changed, leading people is the same regardless of what generation!
Marcus Dean - Sports Video Turf Manager, University of Kentucky

I love to get the wisdom from Coach Wooden. It helps me with everything I do. You get to thinking, how Coach Wooden would handle the situation.
Dennis Brown - Equipment Attendant, San Diego State

I love it.
Dottie Hampton - Indoor Volleyball Assistant Coach, Coastal Carolina

I appreciate reading these! Thank you.
Carlotta Kloppenburg - Women's Basketball Assistant Coach, San Jose State

Thanks for reaching out. I am not really sure how I ended up on this list but I do enjoy the content. I have always utilized Coach Wooden's approach and enjoy reading and listening to the quick samples of them. I currently do not share this with others but I might in the future. Thanks again and please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional information from me.
Jon Mitchell - Associate Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Health and Well-Being, Appalachian State

Your post the other day regarding change - "Not all change is progress, but there is no progress without change." Hit home with me. I'm in software development and it is so very hard to get people to accept change. In my world change is a constant and I'm always trying to prod people out of their comfort zones. I shared the line on Facebook. I absolutely love Wooden's Wisdom. He must have been a truly amazing man.
Barbara Fabian - Developer, Information Technology, Auburn Athletics Department

I love getting these and share them with my list every time I get one. Please keep them coming!! I have read most of coach Wooden's books and find his advice amazingly valuable. We often share his sayings on our daily motivation quotes of the day!!

I find these very helpful and do share them with my staff from time to time. Thanks for having me on the list. ws
Dr. Camden Wood Selig - Director of Athletics, Old Dominion University

I've REALLY been enjoying Wooden's Wisdom messages this Fall! Thank you for writing and sharing!
The weekly issues have been short and sweet (so that I can read through the email pretty quickly) yet full of meat (including lots to ponder throughout the day/week).
I've been writing his quotes (from each issue) on my whiteboard so my students can ponder his wisdom as well!
I have to admit, I didn't realize there were video clips in each issue until last week... even though it says it at the top of the message... I usually just jump into reading the text.
Thanks again for the great work you are doing!
Chris Grace - Assistant Director Athletic Study Center, UC Berkeley

Thank you for sending me this. I've enjoyed being reminded of so many of Coach Wooden's sayings and beliefs, but also learning a few new ones.
I have been coaching for over 35 years, and have been a fan of Coach Wooden's for all of that time. His balance of insight, simplicity, old school values, common sense and humility are unique and can help anyone who coaches or teaches - or anyone who doesn't.
Kevin Corrigan - Head Men's Lacrosse Coach, University of Notre Dame

Love it. Find it very thoughtful, inspiring and informative.
Have shared with a few other colleagues as well.
Evan Silberstein - University of Hawaii Beach Volleyball

Thank you for reaching out. I really appreciate the opportunity to speak to you about this newsletter, as it has been very influential in my first few years of Division I Coaching. Growing up a coaches son, I began reading Coach Wooden's books in the fourth or fifth grade. I majored in English Education because of how much I admired him. I have had, and continue to have, his Pyramid in my room. I love this newsletter, and look forward to reading it every time I get it. This newsletter has continued my ongoing relationship with Coach Wooden, even though I was never lucky enough to meet him. I love the quotes you include, and of course the stories.
I have no critique for you, but wanted to let you know how much receiving this means to me. I share it quite frequently with my dad, and of course my mom, who both recited to me Coach Wooden quotes as I grew up in a small blue collar town. Your newsletter always takes me back to some of my earliest life lessons, and reminds me why I chose to teach such a beautiful game.
Thanks for everything,
Brooks Malm - University of Idaho

I find it very interesting and informative and look forward to the newsletter.
Susan Molnar - Administrative Assistant, Tennis, University of Notre Dame

Your work is excellent in my view. Sharing Coach Wooden's Wisdom is invaluable for me especially since it is Faith based.
As busy Coaches, Parents, and professionals we are blessed to have you "break WW down" for us. Work like yours allows for consumption of quality material much more quickly than would otherwise be the case.
Thank you for your efforts.
Steve Rousey - Assistant Baseball Coach, Cal State Fullerton

I like reading them every time I get them. I do forward some of the content to my athletes.
Chuck Rodosky - Assistant Coach, Rutgers Women's Rowing

It's great to hear from you! I played for you in 1979 on the UCLA JV team. (With Jeff Meyers and Kenny Easley)
I'm coaching water polo at San Diego state now. It's my fifth year. I have a pyramid of success up on my wall and I've enjoyed reading the newsletter and just last week gave it to one of the volleyball coaches to enjoy.
Bill Cohn

I greatly enjoyed the weekly Wooden's Wisdom E-mails! I have been a fan of Coach Wooden's work for a long time, and always find it inspiring to read or listen to his philosophies. I thought the presentation of the E-mails was very user friendly. It wasn't too lengthy to take away from work time, and provided the information in an efficient way.
Thank you for including us on the E-mails!
Andy Kershaw - Head Coach, University of Miami Swimming | Manager, United States Swimming - 2012 & 2016 Olympic Team

Thanks for "Wooden's Wisdom: I forwarded it to my children,They are 51 to 66, but it is never too late to learn.
Dave Larish, U,S, N.A. '49 - Men's cross Country & Track, Recruiting Coordinator

I really enjoy receiving Wooden's Wisdom each week, I look forward to reading it every Tuesday. I do normally forward to my mom and dad who work in the education field as well. I hope to keep receiving them and thank you!
Mary Brown - Women's Equestrian, Assistant Western Coach

I really enjoy the articles and videos. I find them inspiring and motivational.
Caitlin Marshall - Fresno State Equestrian

I enjoy Wooden's Wisdom as I'm a big fan of Coach and his teachings. I will share some of the messages from time to time depending on the lesson and audience. I'm disappointed I never had the chance to meet Coach in person, but I enjoy listening to many of his interviews and/or seminars. Thanks for putting these together.
William N Blood - Executive Assistant AD of Business Operations, University of Oregon Athletic Department

I certainly enjoy the newsletter. I also share the material to my colleagues. I think it really helps to hear the wisdom and philosophy that John lived by. Everyone in a leadership role should be on this mailing list.
Randall Dickey |Sports Administrator - Auburn University

I use this every week. This is a great way to share Coach's wisdom with others. I always use a "real life" example of how this applies.
Steve Di Tolla - Senior Associate Athletics Director, Cal State Fullerton

The only input that I have is that I am extremely grateful to be on this list. As a younger coach, I obviously know who Coach Wooden is and have heard about his Pyramid of Success and all of his accomplishments in coaching. To be able to gain greater insight to the man that he was has been beyond fascinating, especially through the knowledge of someone that is family.
Thank you for sharing with all of us, I continue to look forward to reading these newsletters!

Thank you for sharing the Wooden's Wisdom Newsletter. To be honest, it took me a while to start reading them because I didn't know what they were and assumed them to be SPAM. However, after clicking on the first one a while back, I have started eagerly reading each issue and checking out the links occasionally. Please continue sharing with me.
Jesse Rappole - Student-Athlete Development Assistant Director--Football Academics, Georgia State University

I thoroughly enjoy the emails and the insight. I will forward to others!
Michael Beaumont - Women's Basketball Director of Basketball Operations, University of Tennessee

Thanks for the email. I enjoy reading your emails and sometimes use the content in staff meetings. I do not forward on to others at this time.
Matt Borman - Deputy Athletic Director, Development, University of Georgia

Instructional and informative. Helpful and thought provoking messages.
Tim Taft, Sports Medicine Team Orthopedic Physician, University of North Carolina

I've enjoyed reading Wooden's Wisdom. I have shared them with both of my sons who are high school coaches. War Eagle!
Doug Goodwin - Auburn Football, Director of High School Relations, NFL Liaison/Walk-Ons

I have enjoyed reading this every week. I had the pleasure of meeting Coach Wooden in person after the 1997 NCAA National Championship game and my college roommate always kept the pyramid displayed no matter where we lived. To not only hear Coaches principles but also the back story is something I enjoy, plus I look to glean something personal from each one that I can add into my day to day.
Ryan - Rutgers IMG Sports Marketing Associate General Manager

I read these every week and find that it gives me a nice boost of motivation to start the week. Very well written articles.
Will Smith - Assistant Marketing Manager, Georgia State

I enjoy these Wooden's Wisdom emails. I often share them with my family and friends outside of athletics. My head coach often prints them out and discusses them with our coaching staff as well. It's definitely a service that I appreciate.
Blake Beemer - Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator, Ball State University

Thank you for you emails. I do not know if there is any way to measure the impact of Wooden's Wisdom on the FIU Athletics Department. I think it is a fairly subtle thing -- sort of an adjustment to how we act.
Dr. Pete E.C. Markowitz - Athletic Administration Faculty Athletic Representative, Florida International University

Enjoy it immensely, and I share it now and then...even tweet a quote on occasion. Thanks for sharing these insights from a great man and coach. Stay strong, stay in the fight, and keep making an impact!
Ken Mannie - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Michigan State

Awesome! I share with those who have a heart to lead in the correct way!! I appreciate the knowledge I'm receiving!
TIM BOWENS - Assistant Football Coach/Running Backs, Georgia State University

I love getting Wooden's wisdom and I think began receiving it via a colleague in the Stanford Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER), where I am also employed. I like the wisdom so much that I also have this being delivered to my personal/family email account so that I can also chare it with the contacts on that account. May our God bless you, your family and your efforts in sharing Coach Wooden's wisdom with others! Blessings to you and yours!
Mr. Robin C. Embry, MA, CRSS - Associate Director Recreation Services, STANFORD ATHLETICS

I enjoy reading Wooden's Wisdom! I have saved many of his comments and shared them when appropriate!
Debbie Van Meter - Center for Academic & Tutorial Services (Mentor/Learning Services), University of Kentucky

I LOVE receiving Wooden's Wisdom! Anything that I can read/study to help me become a better coach/husband/father/friend/person, I support it.
Ty Evans - Women's Basketball Associate Head Coach, Auburn University

I appreciate these emails a lot. I find them educational and inspiring and appreciate you putting this information together. I have always been a Wooden admirer for good reason. Hope all is well/ Have a great Holiday season/ Go Cougs
Steve Spurrier - WSU Football

I absolutely love Wooden's Wisdom! I'm not even sure how I got on the email chain but it has been a tremendous blessing. I look forward to every email and your writing along with John Wooden's words of wisdom are so inspiring to me as a young coach. Thank you so much for keeping his legacy alive. I have always admired Coach Wooden and I even wrote a paper about him in college. I have saved all the emails so I can continue to go back and reference them!
Emily Dinsmore - Assistant Field Hockey Coach, Appalachian State University

I just love receiving these emails and sharing them with my players and fellow coaches. Keep them coming!
Annette Manley - Old Dominion University, Men's Basketball

I appreciate receiving "Wooden's Wisdom" ........ and yes, one would be certainly foolish not to read and share the thoughts and practices from one of the true icons in life, let alone from athletics.
I am in my 45th year in intercollegiate athletics and continue to enjoy every moment. One of my duties which has evolved over the years is to mentor, counsel, be a sounding board for our coaches and staff. Needless to say, being able to read Wooden's Wisdom certainly helps with my thoughts and advice I am able to give to our staff.
Thank you for checking in Craig, and I wish you a great remainder of the Holiday Season and continuing success.
Larry Gallo, Jr. - Executive Associate Director of Athletics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Thanks Craig - I use the insight on a personal level, often sharing the messages with other coaches and my team. Sometimes I forward the email directly to those same people, and occasionally other friends that are in a professional field other than coaching.
Sam Hargraves - Alma College, Head Men's Basketball Coach, Asst AD - Advancement

I'd like to thank you for compiling all of this info and putting together this newsletter. I am in my 14th year of coaching (also serving as an English teacher and head basketball coach!) and I can not even count how many times I've been going through a rough patch in the season only to find your email and some strength/motivation/optimism.
I appreciate all that you do and I continue to look forward to the newsletter. I have shared the Wooden's Wisdom newsletter with other coaches, friends, and even my wife.
Nick LoGalbo, M.Ed - Lane Tech High School, Athletic Director, Head Basketball Coach

Thanks for all you are doing. Yes, I do share each lesson with 3 other individuals.
Dennis Wahlgren - St. Johns Military School

I love the message of each wisdom issue. Not only do I use them for my own motivation and instruction but with my staff as well. ( I am AD and Basketball Coordinator at Hickory Christian Academy, Hickory, NC). We have 3 high school and 2 middle school teams. So they come in very handy when helping our coaches navigate the season. I also use them with our North Carolina Basketball Coaches Association members (800+). In our email blasts and in our newsletter. As we try to help our coaches realize that we are ultimately teaching young men and women life skills. Craig, we have had the opportunity to talk when you have spoken at the NABC conventions and you are doing an outstanding job of relaying a timely message. By the way, I had to read coaches book, Modern Practical Basketball in college and then kept it handy to use as a reference for plays and advice and didn't realize until recently when you posted Wisdom from Piggy Lambert that he titled his book Practical Basketball. It was a nice reminder of the thread that runs from Naismith to Lambert to Wooden and now to the next generation.
Gary Bowne - Hickory Christian Academy Basketball, NCBCA Sec/Treas, National High School Coaches vs. Cancer Chairman

Thank you for the email, continued good work and dedication in providing to me and so many others Wooden's Wisdom. Coach Wooden's legacy remains remains a cornerstone for all generations who who knew or have come to know his remarkable story of success, achievement and humility. My first hand encounter with Coach was as an opponent on Bob Cousy's Basketball team in December 1964 when his UCLA Bruins (the defending national champions) led by Keith Erickson, Gail Goodrich and others defeated our Boston College Eagles in the Wisconsin Classic. I still have the game program from that tournament. Upon entering the coaching profession adopting his on court coaching techniques and following The Pyramid of Success were indeed most valuable to me and those whom I was privileged to coach and mentor (my own five children as well). I am copying this email to a good friend and colleague whom for the past seven years I have forwarded to in China. He has likewise utilized Coach's philosophy for his company in Beijing sharing your Wooden's Wisdom with his employees at staff meetings while also providing them with The Pyramid of Success in Mandarin.
Jim Nelson - Athletic Director Emeritus, Suffolk University, Boston, Massachusetts

I continue to enjoy Wooden's Wisdom. I am the athletic director at a NCAA III institution and I share your work with my entire staff. It is a great way to share interesting views to help them to continue to grow.
Ira A. Zeff, Ph. D. - Athletic Director, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Used to enjoy going to practice and watch the team at work with Coach Wooden. I love the short clips about the Pyramid of Success as well as the poetry. It really makes the point hit home. We attempt to share some of it with our younger coaches.
Bob Traina

I love your Wooden's Wisdom. I pass along different newsletters to dad's, high school coaches, grandfather's or mom's who are struggling with their child, grandchild, team. As an example I had a dad talk to me about his son, a young Teacher/coach starting his career as a new varsity boys coach, I sent them the Wooden's Wisdom about being patient when coaching or working with young boys playing basketball. I use this all the time. I had written a weekly sports column for 18 years. I would use your Wooden's Wisdom quote's occasionally in my column. I really enjoy your work of writing these stories because it is extremely motivating. At 69 I still coach junior high basketball, I have coached, taught school, subbed and officiated sports for 49 years. My goal is to become a varsity coach again someday. Keep up the good work and Happy Holidays to you and your family,
Fred Booth

My name is Michael Dixon and I serve as the volunteer director of the Triangle Blazers Basketball Club ( We are a small club based in Cary, North Carolina. Craig we meet a few years ago at a NABC conference. You smiled when we exchanged cards and you saw mine read "Helping You Become the Best You Can Be". I very grateful to be able to receive Wooden's Wisdom. I use thoughts and comments from it in my conversations with members of our basketball family and other individuals I mentor or coach in the business world. I have a one-on-one meeting with each prospect who is interested in our program. In that meeting, one of the things I share is that our program is based on Coach Wooden's principle of success vs. winning.
Michael Dixon

Have enjoyed the wisdom & messages throughout the years. My two years as a GA on the basketball staff at Washington State were Coach Wooden's last two years. I've been forwarding Wooden's Wisdom to a couple others who expressed interest and although I retired six years ago, I've continued to email them. One is Mavis Washington, a PE teacher at Buchanan HS in Clovis, CA (; the other is Don Ulrich, former principal at the same high school, now asst superintendent in the Clovis Unified School District (
Jack Fertig

You are to be complimented on the work you do pertaining to coach Wooden. I have enjoyed immensely the valuable contributions of coach Wooden as described by your writings. Thank you. Merry Christmas.
Edward Bilik

I have enjoyed reading the series since it was implemented. I give them to the AD at my school and he shares them with the coach"s. Thank you. See you at the Final Four in Minneapolis'
Ray Zebro - Teacher/Coach, Northern Valley Regional High School

Your email is one of the few that I look at everytime. I am of the generation of coaches that was greatly influenced by Coach Wooden and I particularly appreciate his focus on character, humility and faith. I often share this with staff, friends and my children, sometimes with our team. I was fortunate to work one week of Coach Wooden's camp after he retired. At our UCLA game Saturday, I was introduced to his daughter Nan and was able to share with her the significant influence her dad had on me.
Rick Byrd

I love receiving the emails. They always provide some inspiration and encourages me to think about the lesson as to how it applies to our program, our players, and in our life.
Adam Stockwell, Hamilton College

I have throughly enjoyed Wooden's Wisdom over the years. I am the Ex. Director of the Basketball Coaches Assoc. of MI. We have over 5700 members. I have used many of your articles in our Monthly Reports to all our members. I started coaching in the 60's and Coach Wooden was instrumental in determining my coaching philosophy. I read all his books and attended his clinics. My two sons have been basketball coaches and they have used his teachings also. He was truly a man of integrity and his coaching methods have influenced almost all the present day coaches in one way or another. I am stepping down as Ex. Director after 42 years. My successor should be contacting you soon to make sure he is on your mailing list. Thanks again for keeping Coach Wooden's legacy going.
Tom Hursey - BCAM

Wooden's Wisdom has been a great tool for leadership and common sense lessons for every day life.
Ted Reineking

I do forward the newsletter to 26 people. Those include my 3 daughters and their husbands, 7 grandchildren ages 14-26, 5 pastors, 4 coaches, a bank president, a CEO, and a couple former players. You do a great job with this and the people I forward it to as well as myself really appreciate the content and your efforts. Hope you have a blessed Christmas season with family and friends. Denny Lehnus

I have been read Wooden's Wisdom since the beginning. I share it with my family and a few friends. Thanks for the great work.

I LOVE it !! Since I mentor a number of young coaches and administrators ,it is a GREAT tool !
Frank McLaughlin

Craig....been a terrific 7 years having the opportunity to always reflect back on Coach Wooden's incredible insight & life lessons. Appreciate all you've done to keep this front & center. I've made it a habit to save each edition as well as forward them to my Staff & to peers. Thanks so much for your outstanding work and commitment.
Dave Magarity - Head Coach, Army West Point

It has been a pleasure reading "Wooden's Wisdom" on a regular basis. After I read the articles, along with the latest ones about Joe Torre & Don Shula, I forward them to my son, who is a College Baseball Coach. Such a joy to read, thank you.
Coach Hamm

Thank you so much for continuing to share Coach Wooden's wisdom with the coaching fraternity. I am in my 40th year of coaching and continue to learn and enjoy from others in the business. I appreciate all that you are doing for us and will continue to share Wooden's Wisdom with my colleagues.
Terry Porter, Davies High School

I enjoy reading Wooden's Wisdom each time I receive it. Often, it gives me thoughts to ponder. Coach Wooden's strong Faith and sense of fair play/doing the right thing, are reminders of what athletics should be about!
Chris Mowry - Men's Basketball Coach, Santa Fe College

The Wooden's Wisdom are great, I share with other Coaches and someone who is not in the coaching profession.
Michael Mosley - North Carolina Wesleyan College

We met at the Final 4 two years ago, I worked with Scott Thompson at Arizona under Coach Olson and was Scott's asst for five years at Rice. I really enjoy the Wooden Wisdom very much and I share it with my staff. keep up the great work and have a wonderful Christmas.
Tom Billeter - Augustana University

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series on Coach Wooden's Wisdom. Thanks for the thoughtful way you have kept his spirit alive for many young coaches who were not blessed to witness his success in person.
Bob Semling - UWSP Pointers Basketball, Head Men's Coach

I greatly appreciate you sending me this and I do forward it to friends and family. I'm always looking for inspiration and different ways of doing things or creative thinking. I learn from Wooden's Wisdom and share it with my team and friends.
Greg Lansing - Indiana State University

All is well here and hope the same is true for you! I love Wooden's Wisdom and share it with my staff and team. I also really like the fact that it pertains to way more than just basketball. Thank you and hope this is helpful!
Brian Vraney - Beloit College

As a teacher and a coach, I use Wooden Wisdom regularly. I teach Language Arts to High schoolers and they benefit from that aspect. I share it with my teams and individual players if the need ever arises. it is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work.
John Marhefka - Kenyon College

Thank you for keeping me on your mailing list. I sporadically share the information with personal and professional friends, colleagues and acquaintances when I believe the message is appropriate or timely for each of them. I consistently share it with David Patrick, Head Coach at UC Riverside and his Associate Head Coach, Justin Bell. I hope this is of help to you. Thanks a million for sharing the information with me. I never take it for granted. MERRY CHRISTMAS to YOU and your family. "116"
Stan Morrison

I would have to say that over the years I have found many positive messages that I have been able to implement in both my coaching and in my classroom. When I have a Wooden's Wisdom message in my inbox it brightens my day and I find that I am able to relate the content into what I am doing that day. I purchased a daily calendar Calendar entitled John Wooden COACH in 2011 and still use many of the messages from it as well. My collection of books on John Wooden grows each year as I find one that I don't have and it becomes my latest "must read". I have a couple of colleagues that I I forward the messages and they are very appreciative of them. I would say that the Wooden Wisdom messages are one of the most meaningful things that I receive. Thank you for them
Lee Miller - Washington Middle School, Glendive Montana

I' am a college basketball coach going on my 24th year! I use your materials religiously with my classes and my team! Keep em coming!
Tom Spanbauer - State University College at Cortland

I love it! I forward it to my children everytime. Thank you.
Randy Eckman

I can not thank you enough for Coach Wooden's Wisdom Newsletter! I teach Civic Leadership 1 and 2 at Canon-McMillan High School, approximately 20 miles south of Pittsburgh, Pa. I use the emails quite often in both classes. I teach a lesson on Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success. I give each student a copy and we have several days of activities and discussions about Coach Wooden and his Pyramid. I have read most, if not every book written by or about Coach Wooden. I am also the Boys Basketball Coach at Canon-McMillan. I was honored to be selected the assistant coach of the 1996 McDonald's All American Team for the East squad with John Miller, Sean and Archie's dad. While it was a tremendous honor it was also very disappointing as I was so excited to finally meet Coach Wooden. Unfortunately, he slipped and fell and was not able to attend. He sent a recorded message that was awe inspiring. Thanks again for the emails and for the opportunity to let you know how these emails and Coach Wooden have had such an impact on my life and the lives of my students and players!
Rick Bell

I have made so many copies of these and plastered the walls of our basketball room with them. My players know what I think of coach Wooden, and they have read so many of these. Thanks so much for these.
Dennis Geraghty - Western Dubuque High School

Love your work! I share Wooden's Wisdom with our entire athletic staff and my family! So many times the information is timely and appropriate for the many tough decisions that occur on a daily basis in our athletic lives.
Bob Burchard - Director of Athletics, Basketball Coach, Columbia College

Thx! I truly look forward to reading Wooden's Wisdom!! Very powerful, meaningful, and helpful!! Thx. Please continue!!
Coach Amaker - Harvard University

Thomas Murphy

I love the weekly wisdom!! I use it personally, and share it with my wife and kids. They too, like it!! It is also very helpful in teaching life lessons to my players. Thank you for including me on your mail-outs!
Tom Saltzstein - Tempe High School

I have totally enjoyed the readings from Wooden's Wisdom. I met Coach Wooden several years ago at a clinic he spoke at and we sat at breakfast together. I picked his brain a bit. On his 100th birthday I sent him a birthday wishes through email in which he responded. I couldn't believe he remembered our breakfast years before. I share these with my coaching staff as well as my son, who is a JUCO Head Coach.
Richard A. Victor, MA - Lake Nona High School Speech and Debate, Poinciana High School Varsity Head Men's Basketball

I do share these emails with a HS coach and with two HS Principals (both played hoops, one of them was a HS coach as well.) The lessons provide excellent food for thought. They can be used for a number of purposes: lesson planning, sharing life lessons within a team, or even leadership opportunities. Keep them coming.
Ed Hall - Vanguard High School

First of all, thank you so much for sharing thoughts and ideas etc from not only Coach Wooden but also including so many of the other coaches who have had great success. It is so valuable and very much appreciated. I retired in June 2017 after coaching for 49 years at the college level. Coach Wooden, like for so many others, was a tremendous inspiration for me. Our daughter is now a D-3 coach and I am proudly passing your "wisdom's" on to her.
Coach Bill Nelson

I think what you are doing is great. Helping others in the game and also life. I share your site with others and with all my coaching friends. Plus through a close friend many of his contacts throughout latin america. The information is very useful and still is pertinent for today. I also enjoy the other people you have involved in the writings. I think adding someone like George Raveling to the conversation might be useful. I know you must get many requests but coach has been around along time. Coach K and some of the others that are still in the game might also help. I`ve been in the game 46 years and now am trying to give back to the game I love.
Edward Kozol

I look forward to reading Wooden Wisdom Newsletter and share it with many coaches and non coaches who didn't have the opportunity or privllege of knowing Coach Wooden. This is our way of passing the blessing on.Thanks for your faithfulness. Best wishes for Christmas and this coming year. Keep going for God!!!
Al Nordquist

Thanks, Craig. I read each of your letters with great interest. Also, often pass on the lessons to staff and team. Thanks again for your time and effort - we treat each message with great significance. Happy Holidays.
Lon Kruger - Head Basketball Coach, University of Oklahoma

Even though I am retired I look forward to each email of Wooden's Wisdom a great deal. I love to read and the mails are vital to that and I am still learning and relearning at this point in my life. Sometimes I share with coaching friends, parents and high school players I know when I think the message/information is helpful.
Coach Mike Sutton

Great!! Thanks I look forward to those outstanding article I am almost 91 years old now and it is great to read the articles and remember the good old days.
Robert Vaughan

I use it personally. I do usually read through each one. If is applicable, I do use some of the messages in practice. I don't forward emails along, but sometimes to relay the messages to my players. I think this worth the time to continue to share, and it is read and used from time to time - on my part anyway. Thanks,
Eric Miller - Head Boys Basketball Coach, East Dubuque HS

I thoroughly enjoy receiving Wooden's Wisdom. I'm a volunteer assistant high school coach and my fulltime job is leading a team at a Fortune 500 company. The lessons apply to far more than coaching basketball. I periodically share them with people at work, reflect on them often and use the learnings virtually every day at work. I frequently share them with my daughter and her husband who recently opened a business. She loves them and sees the application to their personal journey of building a successful chiropractic office.
Mark West - Ankeny Centennial

I find this newsletter most beneficial for my program and the players and coaches I mentor, as well as, for my daily thought and inspiration. Thanks for all the work you do on this. I eagerly await each email.
Scott Bigott - Owner, BIG Basketball Academy, Katy's Premier Basketball Organization

Dear Craig, Love reading WoodensWisdom. The message goes beyond basketball and applies to all aspects of life. Everybody that reads them will benefit in all areas of their lives. Thanks for all your work in putting them out! Coach Boots

Great job and I really love reading about many of the things I hear Coach talk about at basketball clinics from years ago. One of the only reasons I keep my membership,
Michael Eisenhour

Hi Craig: Yes I do share the information with my team. I look forward to receiving it and passing it on. I truly admire the work coach wooden left. I run his UCLA cuts all day. He paid forward for sure! Thank you for keeping his work alive.
Coach Cotton - Regent University

I enjoy the thought provoking and kindness that comes from each of the Wooden's Wisdom.
Mike Adras - Pittsburg High School

Thank you for all the wisdoms. I had the good fortune of knowing Coach since the NCAA Championship in 1962 where we were introduced and became lifelong friends. We were after all two farm boys with many similar interests. Next to my parents, he is the finest human being I have ever met. I share the Wisdoms with about forty people who are not NABC Members and they look forward to every one they receive. Let me know how. I may be of service to you.
Brian Burmeister

Craig I always enjoy reading coach Wooden Newsletter . I had the distinct pleasure of knowing Coach personally . Coach newsletters are great for coaches of all ages especially those who are beginning their coaching career. His wisdom is priceless
Bobby Cremins

Craig, I enjoy/look forward to receiving the Wooden articles. I do pass them onto other coaches, etc. thanks.
William Baddeley

Thank you for all you do re. Wooden's Wisdom. I share these with my coaches and with my players at different times throughout the year. I implemented a character program this year starting with our 8th graders and plan to eventually have a big brother mentor program using the material. The material is from a program called R.E.A.L. Man Program. I was thinking how Wooden's Wisdom could actually be turned into a coaching curriculum with the topics, life lessons, character values, espoused by Coach Wooden. You have his written words for prompts, videos that could bring home the point. Any way this may be way off anything you have in mind, but I thought I would toss it out there as I could see it being very beneficial to coaches or athletic depts. trying to develop leaders of conscience.
Tray Malloy - The Westminster School

I love Wooden Wisdom!! Some are the same from year to year, but others have some new teachable words of wisdom that we use almost regularly. I generally copy and paste parts to my team so that they hear another voice. I have sent to ex-players as well when appropriate.
Steve Bluth - Trinity Preparatory School

Enjoy the readings each week! Internalize some. Forward to those friends that the week's readings would be apropos.
William Geddes

Thank you for reaching out. I really appreciate the opportunity to speak to you about this newsletter, as it has been very influential in my first few years of Division I Coaching. Growing up a coaches son, I began reading Coach Wooden's books in the fourth or fifth grade. I majored in English Education because of how much I admired him. I have had, and continue to have, his Pyramid in my room. I love this newsletter, and look forward to reading it every time I get it. This newsletter has continued my ongoing relationship with Coach Wooden, even though I was never lucky enough to meet him. I love the quotes you include, and of course the stories. I have no critique for you, but wanted to let you know how much receiving this means to me. I share it quite frequently with my dad, and of course my mom, who both recited to me Coach Wooden quotes as I grew up in a small blue collar town. Your newsletter always takes me back to some of my earliest life lessons, and reminds me why I chose to teach such a beautiful game.
Brooks Malm - University of Idaho

I very much enjoy reading Wooden's Wisdom emails. The issues provide a valuable resource to me as a coach and I think they would benefit coaches of all sports. I have often forwarded important issues and messages to other coaching colleagues outside of basketball. Thanks for providing such helpful information and sharing Coach Wooden's guidance with us!
Enrico Mastroianni - Marywood University, Head Men's Basketball Coach

I do not know how my email got put on your list. It started when I was at UC Davis, continued at UW-Platteville and now at Chico State, and I do not think I even had to send you guys my email. I love getting my Wooden's Wisdom, I save every one. It is encouraging and helps me internally with the "why" to coaching. I have a signed picture of me and Coach Wooden sitting on my desk from when I had the chance to meet him in the early 2000's as a high schooler. My inspiration from him is being able to win in this profession, doing it the right way. The importance of his faith resonates with me as well!
Thank you for all your work continuing the legacy of Coach Wooden and encouraging many people with your newsletter. The information you share and the poem at the end, is very important to my mental wellness throughout each work week. I also get a double-dose through Clint Hurdles daily devotionals where he includes your emails on Wooden Wednesday! I definitely share your email with friends and colleagues every once in awhile when I feel it relates to them.
Mark Darnall - Chico State

We really appreciate this newsletter and thank you for providing it to us.

Enjoy Wooden's Wisdom Newsletters immensely. Read each one and have saved all of them in a special e-mail folder.
Al Sack

I want to thank you for what you are doing with Wooden's Wisdom. I have faithfully read every email that I receive from you. As the years have gone by with your emails, I was expecting it to become very repetitive, which it hasn't. I don't know if I have any suggestions, besides expressing my gratefulness. Thank you for all that you do. I look forward to your emails!
John Lamanna - Ave Maria University

I send this Wooden's Wisdom to my 32 year old son who is a salesman- it uplifts him to be hardworking but more importantly a moral- ethical man. Thank You !
Richard Hadden

Thank you. I share these emails with our Athletic Department staff and my niece who is a HS basketball coach in Massachusetts. As long as I have been in the business, I still love reading Wooden's Wisdom!
Matt Kilcullen Jr. - Director of Athletics, Mercy College

The Wooden's Wisdom info is absolutely awesome. Thank you so much for always sharing. Tremendous knowledge
Josh Pastner - Head Men's Basketball Coach, Georgia Tech

I read it all the time and think it has been very beneficial. I appreciate you sending it over to me weekly.
Ryan T. Kardok - Director of Operations, BGSU Basketball

This is Andrew Helton. I am the Associate Head Coach for Men's Basketball at Saint Francis PA. We actually played UCLA about a month ago. I love getting the Wooden Wisdom information. I never met Coach Wooden but he is a great example I look at. I have a 16 year old boy who is a high school basketball player and a 15 year old girl who is a good student. We do a family Bible Study about 4 or 5 times per week. I will use these lessons along with scripture at least one (and sometimes two) of these per week. It has made a difference. Please feel free to call me at 814-515-6176 if you have any questions. Just know that it has made a positive impact in the lives of my family and in my relationship with Jesus.
Andrew Helton

I still apply all of Coach Wooden's wisdom to both coaching and life. What a tremendous coach, Christian man and teacher of life lessons!! I tried to do the things he did as a coach. He made it look very simple!! Still thankful to this day as I'm still learning from him.
Gregg Nibert

I love getting these emails! They are always great reads and help me in my personal development as a father, husband, educator, and coach.
Mark E. Brown - Assistant Principal - Newberg High School, Head Coach - Newberg Boys Basketball

Craig- very helpful for spreading the gospel of Wooden. Have used his short aphorism's for teaching and coaching as themes for the day/ life lessons for over 50 years. Make it a great day and thanks.
Jerry Krause

I share them with my wife and two grown sons whenever I receive them. Then I save them in a file and refer to them whenever I need some inspiration, or perhaps have to give a talk or am asked to inspire or motivate someone else. I really appreciate receiving them. Thanks for all you do, and Merry Christmas to you and your family and all of our friends in the John Wooden family of followers.
Rich Petriccione

I truly enjoy your weekly Wooden's Wisdom email. I often use lessons from it to share with our coaches and Athletics Directors in my school district. Please keep up the good work.
Greg Grantham CAA, CIC - Coordinator of Athletics, Onslow County Schools

I absolutely love the week Wooden Wisdom emails. As a Varsity Boys Basketball Coach and Athletic Director, they serve as a weekly reminder as to the why of coaching and every week there is something valuable that I take from the email. Thank you for your work in putting them together every week. I also forward them on to my entire coaching staff every week - 42 coaches. Many of them respond with positive feedback as well. It has turned into something that I really look forward to on Tuesdays. Thank you very much for the opportunity to provide feedback. Also, on a completely separate note, my school recently changed email addresses for our entire staff. Would it be possible to add my new email address - - to your mailing list?
Dan Unke - Athletic Director, Divine Savior Academy

I enjoy your posts. While "retired" from coaching, I still follow the game and have friends still coaching. I do forward these on. The lessons from Coach Wooden go way beyond basketball. Thanks for doing this.
Vern Cohrs

I love reading these emails...Helps me as I go through the season for perspective!!
Charles Marquardt, Molloy College

December 2002 my wife and I were guest of Coach Steve Lavin for Michigan vs UCLA At that time I was the Head Men's Basketball Coach at Lycoming College. We were able to meet with Coach Wooden, set-up by Coach Lav. It was such an awesome experience. Regarding the WOODEN'S WISDOM, I very much enjoy reading and sharing these messages. I share often with my children and some in the coaching profession, but not every message.
Terry Conrad

I enjoy receiving the newsletter each week. I use them with our basketball team and with the coaches to do a lot of self reflection. It is a great tool.
John Good - David Crockett High School

I love reading your stuff...keep it coming!
James Fitzpatrick - Episcopal High School

Love it! Great insight and use of examples
David Metzendorf - College of the Holy Cross

I LOVE this every month. Please keep it up and I do share it with coaches and players from time to time.
Christopher Kusnerick - McCluer North High School

My name is Shawn Mobilio I run my own basketball program called Mobilio's fitness. 7th grade - 12th grade I use the exercises for my team. They have homework assignments that are very helpful for all of us. My coaching staff and I have to participate as well!!
Shawn Mobilio

All is going very well, I hope you and your family are all doing well. Thanks so much for sharing the wooden wisdom email. I read each and everyone of the emails. I also share certain emails and topics to other coaches, business associates and former players. My son Trent is now a baseball coach, we talk hours on certain thoughts process that coach used to develop his teams. Thanks again for sharing all of coaches wisdom.
Ron Verlin

I very much enjoy reading the articles that you send out regarding Coach Wooden. I look forward to getting them each week. These would be especially helpful to young coaches. Please continue your great work in giving us these guides on how to develop a coaching philosophy. Thanks again.
Chipper Bagwell - Retired College Basketball Coach, Lander University

I love this email, I read it as soon as it comes out and make that my focus for the day. I have forwarded it maybe 4 or 5 times randomly when I wanted to share a thought. Overall very impressed and still look forward to it.
Paul Swartz

Hope all is well! First, thank you so much for the inspiring, informative, and educational emails you always send. Secondly, thank you for valuing our opinion concerning such an important topic. However, I do not have any criticism, critiques, or even areas to improve upon of your work. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Looking forward for more emails to come! Happy holidays and have a Happy New Year!
Phil Herro - Raritan Valley Community College

I'm a pediatric oncologist practicing in an academic settings (eg university hospital) and I use your WoodensWisdom messages every week in my mental prep for patient care and other leadership opportunities. They are very applicable to my setting and day to day work life.
Karim Sadak - University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

I thoroughly enjoy reading the Wooden's Wisdom Newsletter
Ryan Hagen - DePaul Catholic High School

I coached college basketball for 27 years I also continue to teach a coaching class at Elizabethtown College where I retired from coaching in 2017. I continue to send Wooden Wisdom to my past players who are coaching and I use it with my coaching class.
Robert Schlosser

I always enjoy receiving the Wooden's Wisdom emails! I tried to forward them to people each time I receive one and those people seem to enjoy them as well. The teaching points that Coach Wooden demonstrated are so important in not only coaching but in life itself! Thank you so much for the continued sharing of Wooden's Wisdom.
Brett Carey

I love the newsletter! I try to read the main passage when it hits my inbox, then circle back on it throughout the day for the poems and other nuggets. I usually forward every few issues to some other coaching friends. I think the format is awesome, have nothing but good things to say!
Pat Flesher

Thanks Craig. I really enjoy getting them. Use them all the time with my team or for my life.
Greg Lansing - Head Coach, Indiana State Basketball

Great to hear from you. Yes I really appreciate the Wooden Wisdom and it is interesting that it usually is a topic that is so important right then.I do share them with our coaching staff at Hickory Christian Academy and the feedback is usually that it hit the nail on the head and gave them some insight to be a better coach and mentor. Thank you for doing this and Have a Blessed Day
Gary Bowne

I cherish and save each and everyone of Wooden's Wisdom's. I also forward to my family and coaching staff. I do my best to live by Wooden's Wisdom in my everyday life.
Pete Norman

I have thoroughly enjoyed receiving the Wooden Newsletter. I have read several books on and about Coach Wooden and these newsletters truly capture his philosophy and breakdown and explain his pyramid of success in easy to understand terms. And I love the poems as a bonus!!! Actually, I hope you can send me Issues 3, 9, 11-21, & 23. I don't know what happened but for some reason I have misplaced those issues. I have printed and created a binder of the Wooden Newsletter for me to refer back to. You have given all coaches the opportunity to read and think and may be implement some sound philosophies into their principals with the newsletter. I really appreciate what you have done ... Thank You for sharing Coach Wooden with us!
Coach Errol Gauff - SLU Men's Basketball

Thanks for reaching out to me regarding my thoughts on what I have been receiving from The John R. Wooden Course (Wooden's Wisdom). I enjoy them immensely & love starting my day by reading his short yet powerful insights into Coaching/Mentoring student-athlete's! I do my best to print them off and distribute them to our Graduate Assistants and Student-Managers. Especially, the guys who are seriously considering committing their lives to coaching. I hope all is well and let me know if there is anything I can ever do to assist you with The John R. Wooden Course.
Raphael Chillious - Assistant Men's Basketball Coach, University of Washington

The pieces are very well written and contain great information. I share them with my coaching staff on a regular basis. The messages are very good for high school coaches in our state as our state high school league has undertaken an initiative patterned after the Why We Coach and 3D Coaching programs. The information plays right off of the materials from these two programs.
Chris Gargaro - Boys Basketball Coach, Chisago Lakes High School

I really like how you send out the weekly e-mails with insight into Coach Wooden. The only thing I might want to see is some of Coach Wooden's X's and O's. Keep up the good work.
Shawn Erickson

I just retired from Saint John's University (MN), after 51 years as the head basketball coach. I always appreciated receiving the email regarding Wooden's Wisdom. Always practical information that helped to reaffirm my philosophy of coaching.
Jim Smith

I am a big fan of Wooden's Wisdom. It is well written and presents a positive image. I look forward to, reading it every time I receive it. Thank you for including me on your mailing list.
Ken Murray

Being a John Wooden fan, I love Wooden's Wisdom. I save the articles in a folder and re-read some through the season. I have not shared them. As a coach, I feel it is very helpful reading. Please continue if possible.
Coach Jeffries

Great job Craig! Keep it up!
Neal Pace

You are doing a great job. Keep it going.
Michael Eisenhour

Thanks for sending these out. I enjoy reading them. The length is good, as I can read it in five minutes. Keep them coming!
David Scrivines

I enjoy getting the email and appreciate all the effort you put into it. Thank you and please continue. I pass them along to players.
Richard Ward

Thanks Craig. We always enjoyed getting your emails regarding Coach. As a matter of fact we will be going over his Pyramid of Success at our team retreat in 2 weeks. Good to hear from you. Jim
Jim Saia - Head Men's Basketball Coach, Cal State San Marcos

I love receiving Wooden's Wisdom. Often, they include stories I end up using in some way with the team I coach. His words, and the stories connected to them, are something every coach should review regularly. I get to through the regular receipt of Wooden's Wisdom. Thank you.
Alan Mills - The Prairie School, Racine, WI

I share Wooden's Wisdom with my son who is the head baseball coach at Amherst College.
Arthur Hamm

Wooden's wisdom is great! Early in my Coaching career I had the privilege of meeting Coach Wooden. His thoughts remain indelible. Please keep them coming.
Barry Mestel

I enjoy it very much! Thank you for sending it.
Davinci Wallace

I truly enjoy the Wooden's Wisdom. Might be the only thing that keeps my sanity when we are full throttle into a season. Some very powerful words and thoughts that remind me why I do what I do. I forward to both of my assistants. I refer to it as Wednesday Wisdom. I send one every Wednesday. Not always yours but anything that I think can help them improve as a coach/person.
Brian Good - Head Basketball Coach, Wingate University

Wooden's Wisdom is GREAT. Mike Turner

Yes, I do pass it on to other people that may need some encouragement. I find that his words of wisdom can inspire others that don't have a basketball background
Scooter McCray

I think these are great and look forward to reading them.Please keep up the good work
Tommy Johnson - Socastee High School, Basketball Coach

As a high teacher, I use it frequently. Very useful.
Ray Murphree

Wooden's Wisdom is awesome! I have used Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success since I started coaching in 1984. I do share Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success material with other Educators and Coaches. Thank you for taking the time to compile Coach Wooden's material. Thank you for sending me Wooden's Wisdom.
Ron Vick - Campus Academic Leader Social Studies, Academic Economics & Academic Government Teacher
Lubbock ISD Online Economics Instructor
Retired Head Boys Basketball Coach
Lubbock High School

I find these emails very helpful. I look forward to reading them when they come in. Thanks for your efforts.
Michael Depaoli [Staff]

Wooden's Wisdom is the best in regards to life lessons I internalize as well as teach my players. I have kept every issue and revert back to them from time to time.
Jason A. Moore, MBA, MS, PMP

I run a business using Wooden's Wisdom. My Friday morning meeting for my staff has a quote each week from the information that I receive from you. Thank You very much.
Scott Mallon

Great to hear from you. I love getting the Wooden's Wisdom emails. I am enlighten with each one. I do share the thoughts with our players, my young kids, and friends. I usually do not forward the emailed but I share Coach's wisdom by word of mouth. I hope this helps!
Luke Gore

I teach a course entitled "Intro to Coaching/Servant Leadership." And I forward the Wooden's Wisdom emails to them. We also discuss them from time to time in class. I also periodically send them to my men's basketball team.
Schlosser, Robert A

I have read and kept every Wooden's Wisdom. You have done a wonderful job capturing Coach Wooden and his philosophies.
Dean Keener

In simple terms. Keep it coming. All aspects have been great for what you send. Thanks again.
Jon Jon Nedelcoff

The wooden emails are something I look forward to each week. I forward them to friends and have used them in my classroom guidance lessons. Love them!
Charlie Pope - School Counselor, Cascade High School

I absolutely love it! I share it every week with my coaching staff and often share selected emails with our team before or after practice. Hope you're doing great!
Scott Garson - Head Men's Basketball Coach, The College of Idaho

I thoroughly enjoy the emails and letters. I find them uplifting. I have not forwarded them but plan to moving forward.
Adam Stockwell

Thanks for the email. I really enjoy the content of the Wooden's Wisdom each week. Keep up the great work.
Doug Hall

I really enjoy reading all of the newsletters from you guys. They are great reads with great insights to Coach Wooden and his teachings/perspectives. I wouldn't change anything. Thanks for the email and I look forward to reading more.
Kevin J. Clark - Head Men's Basketball Coach, Lackawanna College

Share everyone sent to both my children and whoever else i feel would enjoy.
Philip Randall Eckman

I thoroughly enjoyed the emails. They were very thought provoking and I shared many of the topics with our team and staff. Thank you for putting together such an amazing resource together of an amazing man.
Chuck Hammond

Thanks for reaching out. I look forward to each email I receive & forward them to my current & former players, family, friends etc. I've got a picture of Coach Wooden on my office wall & have read most of what's either been written by or about Coach Wooden. Thanks again. All the best. BB
Brian Beaury - Head Men's Basketball Coach, The College of Saint Rose

Thank you for your email and your efforts to keep the teachings of Coach Wooden alive. I make an effort to embrace each message and share with my family as well. They are copied here. Coach W was great man...outstanding in our generation..and an inspiration to so many. You are blessed to have known him my best to you. Phil
Phil Tarullo

It is the ONLY regularly sent email that I read. For me, it is a valuable reminder of how to live life well, how to live life in a moral, selfless way. Of course, it would have less impact were it not coming from a coach and man I respected so enormously. I D-O need to forward it more. That, too, is a great reminder! Thank you for keeping me on the mailing list.
Pete Strickland

Keep it coming!
Yann Hufnagel

I retire from coaching in 1986 after 34 years and 502 wins; I knew coach Wooden whom I met at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes up at Black Mountain, NC. He was and still is a great inspiration to us all. During those day I was the "baby" coach in the group but I was very close to coaches John Mclendon and Clarence BIG HOUSE Gaines. I admire the work that you are doing regarding coach Woodens Life...I use many of the Quotes ect. doing my contacts with children
Robert Vaughan

Coach Wooden's Wisdom applies to any field of expertise. I have a friend in business that used his models in his everyday business when dealing with clients and staff. Although I am retired from coaching I applied Coach Wooden's ideas while I was coaching.
Terry Maxwell

I enjoy receiving these quotes from Coach Wooden. I am a long time college and high school coach. I now am a professor at a college and teach health and wellness. I often use these quotes with my classes. I also do individual training and these quotes are very relevant.
Paul Swanson - Asst. Professor and Coordinator of HPR, Pensacola State College

Thanks to Jim I have continued to enjoy Coach Wooden's cherished & inspirational messages that you provide. Terrific stuff. Like Jim, I had the opportunity to meet Coach Wooden at a Medalist Basketball Clinic held in Boston in the early 80's. I was an assistant coach at BC and did some freelancing by working as the note taker for all the Medalist Clinics. That day Coach Wooden's topic was "Random Digressions". Somewhere I still have the original notes. A few years ago I traveled to LA with the Emmanuel College team and was a guest of Nan Wooden at a UCLA game. We had dinner and she later sent me a copy of one of Coach Wooden's book in Chinese! I subsequently got permission to translate "Pyramid of Success" into Chinese and I've distributed to lots of the Chinese sports community. Man is a terror lady! Needless to say, Coach Wooden has & continues to have a profound effect on my life & businesses. Keep up the good work & I look forward to many more words of wisdom from "The Wizard"!
Tom Yahoo

My son oldest son is now in his early 30's and in his 11th season playing professionally. He played for me when I was coaching at Rice University and will undoubtedly enter the coaching profession on some level after his playing career. I've shared the Wooden Course with him and he has watched numerous videos including the "lesson" videos in each course newsletter. Brock has a deep appreciation for the "simple" game and doing things as efficiently as possible on the court and in life. He really embraces Coach Wooden ways and teachings. Kind of neat to see someone two generations removed from John Wooden embracing his teachings and philosophy.
Marty Gillespie

Enjoy receiving and reading Wooden,s Wisdom regularly. The insites for me as a coach are very beneficial. As a retired coach I continue to enjoy and find the material very useful. Thank you.
Tommy Jones

Thanks you for your note and yes indeed, I do read and share Wooden's Wisdom with others. As a young high school coach just as Coach Wooden was completing his legendary career at UCLA, I was among many, I suspect, who formulated their own philosophies of education and coaching around the principles contained in the Pyramid of Success. Suffice it to say, many of my players became quite familiar with the Pyramid as well. Thanks for continuing to keep Coach's spirit alive through this medium. I count myself fortunate to have heard Coach Wooden speak, at a Medalist coaching clinic in Boston in 1975, and then to have met him at an NABC/NCAA Convention in Indianapolis several years later. Yet another memorable moment came in Seattle, during the 1989 NCAA championship weekend, as I found myself on a ferry boat in Puget Sound along with Bill Walton and others. I asked Walton how he would describe Coach Wooden. His answer was classic Walton .... "he's Bo Derek - a perfect 10". I suspect Coach would have taken that as a supreme compliment.
Rusty Atwood

Craig, I have been thrilled to have Coach Wooden have daily impact on me and my program with his thoughts and teachings. I have read his books and used so much of what he taught and learned to try to teach and prepare our guys for life through a game we all love. Coach Wooden had coaching in perspective. He understood that he was preparing young people for a life of highs and lows. There are likely no two coaches on further ends of the extremes in terms of coaching style and personality than Coach John Wooden and I (I am emotional, a bit crazy, charismatic, yell and scream kinda guy) but there is also likely no coach he has influenced more than me. Our coaches and players are daily influenced. I am grateful to you for spreading the words of this great man and I am off the chart grateful for Coach Wooden taking the time to write down and share through the many means that have helped me in my 32 plus year coaching career.
Dave Davis - Newberry College, NCAA D-II Newberry SC

I have enjoyed reading Wooden's Wisdom and have used the material over the past several years. "Wooden" is a book that goes everywhere with me and makes its way into the locker room for pregame speeches very often. What Coach Wooden has taught me through his words has more value than anything in coaching. Wooden's Widsom has hit some of the key points in coaching and I hope you continue to hits those points. Coach wooden won a lot of championships but his best asset was his ability to lead people through the best of time with humility and also get people through the worse of time with his empathy, love and caring. Coach Wooden didn't have the success he had because he could draw up any play at any time, but because he was there for his players, coaches and his wife all the time. Please continue to write about his leadership in the worse of times and also in the midst of a ten game win streak. The young coaches around the nation need to understand that this profession is about relationships and creating better citizens for a society that is crumbling. Coach Wooden was about creating model, hard working, respectable citizens and along the way they ran into all kinds of championships.
I am the section rep for Section 2A for the Minnesota Basketball Coaches Association and I have forwarded this newsletter out to all 21 coaches in our section. We have our fall meeting and our annual coaches clinic in Minneapolis at the end of the month. I would love to get this material in the hands of the over 400 coaches that attend that clinic. If you have anything that you would like for me to have available, even to hand out during our board meeting, I would love to do so. Keep up the good work and I will look forward to the next issue!!
Charlie Freitag - Saint Clair Cyclones, Head Boy's Basketball Coach
MBCA Section 2A Executive Board Member
MSHSL Basketball Advisory Board Member

In a world full of people leading who are unfit for the task I am so thankful that we still can reflect on the life and teachings of Coach Wooden to give us some perspective on what it means to be a true leader.
Keith Coutreyer

Love the Lincoln concept of making a friend out of an enemy. Great strategy. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. Very helpful.
Keith Coutreyer

The creators of Wooden's Wisdom have provided a comprehensive and intimate portrait of the ultimate in commitment to our great game and to the student-athletes who play the games. Coach Wooden worked hard to live up to the principles that his father and mother passed on to him at an early age and continued to learn from those around him until he was called "home" to be re-united with his beloved Nell. In his own words, Coach Wooden candidly admits the mistakes he made during his career and how he learned to directly address those mistakes in order to mold himself into a better coach and person. The thought process and step by step commitment to help his players learn the importance of their attitudes and behaviors on individual and team performance are clearly and simply articulated. After working through the full set of lessons, you realize that each of us is empowered to be the best we can be if we focus on simply making each day our masterpiece by doing ALL the little things that insure a successful life. The Pyramid of Success works....but only if you do, too.
Terry Holland - AD Emeritus, East Carolina University

You have provided coaches with one of the greatest educational tools ever. I share this information with "basketball people" all over the world. You will never truly understand what a "positive difference" you are making. Please - Please - Please don't stop!
George Raveling

Many thanks for sending us all of your Wooden's Wisdoms issues. They are excellent, and I use all of them in my "Theory and Practice of Coaching" classes at Duke University. They are helpful to anyone who wants to coach any sport at any level. I am in my fifty-sixth year of teaching, coaching or athletic administration, and I wish the articles had been available for all of them. I also send them to all of my ex players who are now coaching. They call or write to say they are extremely helpful and please keep them coming. Coach Wooden was so wise, so caring and so kind. Through these issues his words are helping others be better coaches, parents and people.
Jerry Welsh - Duke University

I saved everyone of the Issues you have sent & look at them all the time. Kids today are so much different but the philosophy is still the same. Just a different way of getting the point across. Will look forward to the next series of events. Can't ever get enough of Coach Wooden's teachings.
Thomas Hironaka

Thank you for taking the time to share Wooden Wisdom with me! It served as an opportunity to stop and think when I was in the midst of emails. It kept me focused on our core values at Villanova. These values were built originally on Coach Wooden's principles. Thanks again!
Jerold Wright

Looking forward to year 2 of Wooden Wisdom. One of the best news letters I have ever received. Everyone involved in education could benefit from receiving this newsletter. Coach Wooden may be the best teacher there has ever been, period!
Steve Brett - Athletic Director, Shakamak High School

I really enjoyed reading your emails about Wooden Wisdom. I would recommend others to subscribe and please keep me informed when you will start the 2nd series of Wooden Wisdom.
Joe Loughran - Head Coach Men's Basketball, Rutgers University-Newark

Thanks you for the Wooden series. Your messages were to point, and seemed on many occasions to come at just the right time of my season or year. As designed I am sure, they go well beyond the game of basketball and are useful in and out of sport. Your stories, analogies were presented in a way that Coach Wooden would be proud of. I recommend them without reservation and thank you again for this series.
Page Moir - NCAA III Coach & NABC Board of Directors

Some very concrete thoughts on leadership from Coach.
Alan Lambert

I appreciate the program you put together. I have read most of the Wooden books over the last 15 years, and constantly re-read them every year. I'm looking forward to your future program! Thank you.
Sam Hargraves - Head Men's Basketball Coach Alma College

I do appreciate the words and philosophy attached to the life and times of Coach His influence on my life and many other coaches I have known is profound. "Be True To Yourself" is the right message and the words he used to express it are simple and so important in the world today.
Lorin Miller

I love getting this stuff. It's so good to read all of these and use it with my own team and staff...or just as a person.
Gregory Lansing

Used concepts/teachings/sayings everyday in my personal and professional life! A true blueprint for success!
David Pauley - Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of the Sciences

Being a close follower of Coach Wooden and a Basketball coach I have really enjoyed these articles. I was lucky one Final Four, after I came back from an early run , to be able to sit and talk basketball with Coach Wooden ,just he and I. I use this material every day in practice.
Rick Cotter

I think the series was fantastic. I read it and kept in on file to re-read some days when I just had rough days and needed to see why we do this work. I look forward to a new series.
Terry Connorr - Director of Athletics Thomas More College

This was an outstanding. Thanks for sharing all this great insight. Seriously the thoughts and ideas from Coach Wooden and others are just classic.
Raymond J. Shovlain - Director of Athletics, Head Men's Basketball Coach St. Ambrose University

Awesome course!..... great life applications for coaching, classroom and personal life......please sign me up for year two.......will recommend Wooden Wisdom to others ..........thank you!
Ron Vick - Retired Head Boys Basketball Coach, Lubbock High School

Craig...This is great!. especially for a 74 year old retired coach, like myself....who in his earlier years had the pleasure of being on the floor as a player when Coach Wooden described his famous press to a clinic in New Jersey back in 1967 or 68...What a wonderful man! Thanks for continuing Wooden Wisdom.
Gary Hess - Action Math Group, Ltd.

Great Stuff! No wonder Kareem enjoyed so much team and individual success. Thank you, I use these as "thoughts of the day" for our high school team.
John Benzan

I truly enjoy your emails. The one I just received about the Pyramid was special.The Pyramid has always helped me in my 33 years of coaching and this explained some thingsI did not know. Thanks for the info. Please keep sending the e-mails.
Rick Scruggs - Mars Hill CollegeHead Men's Basketball Coach

These really help me with my coaching! Thanks!
Adam Short

The Pyramid of Success has always and will continue to be a wonderful model and teaching tool. The forth block ( poise-confidence ) in my opinion is what starts to separate the TRUE Champion. Certainly, one cannot attain one without the others. However, for me the poem is very timely. Good reading!
Bobby Jones

I coached basketball for 43 years; thirty five of those at Wabash College. During my earlier years of coaching I was looking to establish my coaching philosophy. Lucky for me I had a chance to make contact with Coach Wooden way back in September of 1974. I used his ideals as a model for my coaching. I was blessed. I came up with a quote long ago similar to this quote. "If what you did yesterday still looks good to you today, then you haven't done much today." Thank you for sending these messages. Even though I no longer coach basketball I love receiving them to remind me of the great opportunity I had to coach some outstanding young men and to have John Wooden as my mentor.
Mac Petty

I love getting the Wooden Wisdom newsletter and hope that it continues. I had the opportunity to meet you a few years ago at the Final Four and was very impressed with you and what you are doing. Coach Wooden's legacy and wisdom has impacted so many people. Please keep it going.
Jeff Rekeweg - Head Men's Basketball Coach, Northwood University

Craig, be glad to comment. Coach Wooden's wisdom and leadership is tremendous. Coach Wooden makes you a better Coach . man, husband, and person. The apple did not fall very fall from the tree as his father and mother were great parents that demonstrated great integrity and character. How he relates these things to basketball and the treatment of people go hand and hand for success. Bottom line every time I read something about Coach Wooden it makes me a better person. Thanks.
Coach Greg Nibert

I read this every time it is sent. I enjoy reading and gives you good pick me ups somedays when you really need it. I forward this on periodically to my coaches and to a young man who is an assistant coach I know well. Thanks for sending this to me.
Terry Connor - Director of Athletics, Thomas More College

Everything is going well for me and my family. I hope all is well for you and yours. Craig you have done a wonderful job as author of Wooden's Wisdom. Through Wooden's Wisdom you have shared and promoted Coach Wooden's philosophy and beliefs. You have impacted generations of people in a very positive way with your work.
Coach Yanai

I look forward each week to receiving your email and reading and studying the issue about Coach Wooden's philosophy that you address. I share with my coaches and team selected topics. I just love receiving them.
Larry Hunter - Western Carolina University, Men's Basketball Coach

Ed Kozol

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share how much I appreciate and value Wooden's Wisdom. I serve as the volunteer CEO of Playin' It Forward Sports Inc. We are a small non-profit club basketball organization. Our mission is to use basketball to teach life skills, help the young man in entrusted in our care become the best they decide they want to be by focusing on three core values; playing hard, playing smart, playing together and the Blazers A, B, Cs of accountability, bravery, caring! I am betting you identified the connection to Coach Wooden' s definition of success in our mission statement. I have read a number of books and articles about Coach Wooden. I heard you speak about Coach and this program at a NABC conference session 5 or 6 years ago. Coach has significantly influenced my philosophies and the way our lead our organization and my life. I am the head coach of our Class of 2017 team. We have used a block of the Pyramid of Success as our emphasis of the week since the team was formed in 2011. I use Wooden's Wisdom as a resource. I share points from it with our coaching staff and our players. It also helps to ensure I am following Coach's model and example. Again thank you very much for providing this valuable resource!
Michael A. Dixon

I absolutely love getting them. I have a group I forward them to every time I get them. They are all big Purdue backers and basketball fans. I have a file set up in my email system and I have saved every one of them. Thanks!
Chad Ballenger - Physical Education Teacher, Head Boys Basketball Coach, Hamilton Heights High School

I love Wooden's Wisdom. Its like a daily devotional for me. I also share them with my players. Its a great connection between everyday life, basketball and how they connect. Its sad that so many of the WW lessons and values are not encouraged or reinforced in our society or todays basketball culture. WW helps keep those values alive!! I appreciate you and WW!!
Pat Rafferty

I heard you speak at a Final 4 a few years ago and enjoyed your presentation. I thoroughly enjoy getting your e-mails with the lessons. Reading Coach Wooden's and his favorite poetry is a positive and uplifting few minutes every week when the e-mail arrives. I share the stories and poems with my team and various coaches and educational leaders as I see fit or when special opportunities present themselves.
Patrick L. Dieter - Director of Athletics & Facilities, Boiling Springs High School

Love them! Keep them coming! It helps me know more about the greatest collegiate coach ever and I often share with my team or other coaches. Love them!
Jay Welborn - Head Men's Basketball Coach, Snead State Community College

Excellent pieces. Those pieces Game me insights for the reasons and I am speaking from my own experiences, why you love using basketball as a tool to make others see the possibilities of their giving talents also I use the information with my players and students to OpenIng dialogs about values and character traits. We have discuss and have very serious life conversations thanks to the subjects on wooden Wisdom for that I thank you for sharing.
Jesus Patino

I love it and will share. You are doing a great job at sharing Coach Woodens legacy.

Wooden's Wisdom is phenomenal. You do a great job with it. Keep up the great work.
Steve Brennan, PhD

I love receiving Wooden's Wisdom. There is something thought provoking and useful in each one I have received. Keep them coming. Thanks.
Steve Brett

I so enjoy the Wooden's Wisdom and would like to continue receiving them as they are very inspirational and want to share the readings with colleagues and relatives that I have copied on this email message. Please continue the great work in sharing Coach Woodens great Wisdom with so many who value and them and are willing to share with others.
Michael Johnson, Ed.D, MPE, MSW USSTTA CEO & Founder

I enjoy reading all Coach's words of wisdom. I have read them all before but still love being reminded.
Glenn R. Robinson

I absolutely love it!
Kevin Starks

It is terrific and I have sent it to my assts for yrs now! You are great to send me Coach's words and his way of life! Thanks so much Craig would love to come bl to the award show in April!
Pete Herrmann

I always look forward to reading Wooden Wisdom when it arrives in my inbox. I like to pass it along to my assistant coach every chance I get. Thank you for all that you do regarding the John Wooden course.
Philip L. Stitt - Marion Military Institute, Men's Basketball

I look forward to getting it. I do share it with others.
Steve Roccaforte

I Love it !! Great job!
Francis McLaughlin

I forward everything you send to my entire coaching staff and have used several excerpts with my team. Great stuff, thank you.
Greg Curley - Director of Athletics/Head Men's Basketball Coach, Juniata College

I read your Wooden emails every time and also use them with my staff as well as my team. Thank You!
Barry Hinson

I absolutely love it. Please keep up the good work.
Keith Cooper

I appreciate you having me on your list that receives the Wooden's Wisdom emails. Also, I am humbled by your request for my feedback. I'm not sure exactly what type of feedback you are looking for but I can tell you what I do with the emails when I get them. I certainly read the emails as they come through. I will save some of the messages that I think I may want to refer back to at a later time or that have insight that I value and want to keep. I will forward some along and share with others as well, not only in the basketball world, but also friends and family members at times. Thanks again for sharing coach Wooden's insights. Keep em coming!
LaVall Jordan - Go Blue!

I have used all of the lessons that from this course personally and I also send it out to all of our coaches every time I get one. It is something we all look forward to you.
Todd Thurman

I always forward the emails to Coach
Phil Small - Head Coach at Vanguard High School in Ocala, FL.

The lessons are well done.
Edwin Hall - Vanguard High School

I have always been a big fan of Coach Wooden's and look forward to receiving your email each week. Thanks for sending and keep up the good work.
Ron Ballentine, Pharm.D., CSCS - Assistant Director of Admissions and Student Services, Associate Professor of Pharmacotherapy and Outcomes Science

I really enjoy your work and appreciate it. As with everything, some topics are more relevant than others, but that is an individual preference. As far as sharing, I do pass along to younger guys who desire to get in to coaching when I feel that it applies to them specifically. Thanks for what you do.
Peter Warden

First let me thank you for the hundreds of "Wooden's Wisdom" emails that have enriched not only my life but to all those that read them. Please do not forget John's great love for God and his personal relationship with Jesus. He often shared his faith with me during visits. This faith should be shared with all who are strengthened by his Life example. A possible solution to this is the inclusion of the Wooden-Jay Carty writings. Thanks again for your self less commitment to all of us.
George Terzian

I try to share this information with as many people as I can. I think that it is so applicable to everyone: young, old, black, white, or green people. This works for people coaching athletic teams, or others in the professional world. I am very blessed to be a part of this discussion. I truly believe that this information should, and could be utilized in any curriculum, leadership, or life projects. Thanks for making this possible!
Greg Gober

I find myself frequently forwarding Wooden's wisdom to coaches that I feel would benefit. Thanks and keep them coming! Have a wonderful day.
Mike Adras

I really enjoy Coach Wooden's Wisdom. As a coach I really take to heart all of the knowledge and experience that I read in Coach Wooden's words. Hope all is well,
Joe Wolf

I anxiously look forward to receiving the Wooden's Wisdom emails. They never fail to inspire and teach or just remind me of lessons that are applicable to whatever is going on in my life. Many times I share the relevant e-mails with my daughter, too, who is very appreciate of the teachings of Coach Wooden. Thanks for including me on your list. It's very much appreciated. Thanks, the words of wisdom are great to get each week. As a retired Military and retired school Principal I give a lot of talks. I always have some words of wisdom from the greatest Coach of all time.
Eugene Cash

I have most all of Coach Wooden's books so the emails are a great refresher for me and brings to front and center Coach Wooden's Words of Wisdom that I want to emphasize at that point in time with our team or with an individual player. I often go back and browse through Coach Wooden's books (I keep them near my desk) in search of a special point that fits the particular point in time with our team or with a particular player.
Clair Oleen

Am retired. Teach Sport Sociology at Thomas College and have used your pieces in lectures several times. Your work is first class.
Richard Whitmore - President, Maine Sports Hall of Fame

Regarding your request for comments about Wooden's Wisdom; I thoroughly enjoy looking forward to receiving the thought provoking insights each week. I am a member of a group of basketball historians, ex-coaches, and others involved in the game, who strive to promote good will through basketball. Many of us attend the Final Four each year and have our annual meeting at that location. I have many of Coach's books and had the opportunity to meet Coach several times. I forward the weekly insight to friends who also enjoy basketball along with other topics regarding the college game. Not so much the pro game. Keep up the good work.
Frank Wilson

Good Tuesday evening Craig: Thank you for your email and most importantly for the greatly valued and well written Wooden's Wisdom: Coach Wooden remains in the fore front of my class at Suffolk University on the History of Sport and the Olympic Games most especially when our discussions involve the history of basketball and the Final Four. I had the opportunity to play against Coach Wooden in December of 1964 when our Boston College team coached by another legendary basketball Icon Bob Cousy in the Wisconsin Classic. UCLA had just won their first national championship and as defending champions with their vaunted full court press our BC team was yet another victim as the Bruins went on to a back to back national championship. I have recently read Seth Davis's tome on Coach Wooden and have several books related to his life in my office library as well as innumerable vintage Dell and Sport magazines of this era. Coach Wooden's philosophy and wisdom are appropriate teaching points regardless of generation and make for informative teaching points in and out of the classroom. I likewise welcome the opportunity to forward Wooden's Wisdom to a good friend, colleague and former high school and collegiate coach Tom McCarthy who's email address is cc'd on this email. Tom has been living and working in China for near two decades and is the CEO of his own company Beijing International Group (BIG.....what a great acronym). Tom continues to share your Wooden Wisdom with his company team managers and staff members. Tom has emailed a Chinese Mandarin "Pyramid of Success that is impressive to view with its Chinese characters. You might wish to add Tom's email address to your emailing address. Looking forward to the next Wooden Wisdom.
James Nelson

I wanted to say thanks for the Wooden Wisdom e-mails that I have received regularly throughout the year. The material is fantastic! I have used these issues in a couple of different ways. As Director of Sports Ministries at Northland International University, I use this material in my classes to communicate a right philosophy of coaching to our students and future coaches. Secondly, as Founder/President of Coaches Sports Philosophy Network (CSPN - I have been able to share some of the material to our network of coaches to encourage them to have a right philosophy and perspective in their coaching. Thank you for the Wooden Wisdom emails....I've saved almost all of them for future use and will utilize a number of the teachings with our team as we move forward. It's a great course and I look forward to getting involved with year 2. Thank you again for the work and effort you've put in to provide this course.
Brad Huse - Head Basketball Coach, Montana State University

Personally, I gained a great deal from this series and I refer back to them often as a resource for leadership, team building, and relationship forging. I found them all interesting but particularly enjoyed the ones on humility and initiative. There is not much I would change as I feel the lessons aren easy read and the format is practical and allows the reader to gain the point of each lesson. I would appreciate maybe an excerpt/reflection from a former UCLA player that speaks to the lesson that Coach Wooden taught him/the team and how he now applies that lesson to his life.
Billy Lange

Loved it and helped everyone on our campus - please renew for year 2. Great job!
Coach Jay Bowen - Cambridge Christian School Athletic Director / Head Basketball Coach

Thanks for a great year of Wooden Wisdom! We share a lot of what we get in the issues with our team and coaching staff. We are looking forward to Year 2! All the best!
Corky McMullen - Rutgers Basketball

The entire series was most beneficial and served as a template of sorts for planning, writing and presenting in many cases for my lectures as they related to classes that I've taught or are teaching. I've always been an admirer of his approach and know that it has will always fit into the construct of what Interscholastic Activities (Jr/Sr. High School as well as college) should be about - Coach Wooden was and continues to be (what a legacy) a model of Character and conviction not evidenced enough in our system. The objective (since the turn of the century - 1901) of Interscholastic education/activities is to Teach Morals, Character and the American System of Achievement - the latter explains why it is an important tool in teaching/coaching and why its important in our society (since we're the only nation in the world that inherently ties activities/athletics to the formal school curriculum) as a means of teaching success as a concept, character and values. You have to be what you want others to see - he was. My Son is a Methodist Minister in a very large church located in Albuquerque, NM. He used the materials as part his management framework and often in sermons. The presentation and sequencing are excellent - thank you for sharing and know that we look forward to the next level.
Dr. Dan Salzwedel - Former Coach, administrator, now retired but serve as an Adjunct at Highlands University - NM

I have thoroughly enjoyed receiving the Wooden Newsletter. I have read several books on and about Coach Wooden and these newsletters truly capture his philosophy and breakdown and explain his pyramid of success in easy to understand terms. And I love the poems as a bonus!!! Actually, I hope you can send me Issues 3, 9, 11-21, & 23. I don't know what happened but for some reason I have misplaced those issues. I have printed and created a binder of the Wooden Newsletter for me to refer back to. You have given all coaches the opportunity to read and think and may be implement some sound philosophies into their principals with the newsletter. I really appreciate what you have done ... Thank You for sharing Coach Wooden with us! Take Care and God Bless,
Coach Errol Gauff - SLU Men's Basketball

Thanks for reaching out to me regarding my thoughts on what I have been receiving from The John R. Wooden Course (Wooden's Wisdom). I enjoy them immensely & love starting my day by reading his short yet powerful insights into Coaching/Mentoring student-athlete's! I do my best to print them off and distribute them to our Graduate Assistants and Student-Managers. Especially, the guys who are seriously considering committing their lives to coaching. I hope all is well and let me know if there is anything I can ever do to assist you with The John R. Wooden Course.
Raphael Chillious - Assistant Men's Basketball Coach, University of Washington

The pieces are very well written and contain great information. I share them with my coaching staff on a regular basis. The messages are very good for high school coaches in our state as our state high school league has undertaken an initiative patterned after the Why We Coach and 3D Coaching programs. The information plays right off of the materials from these two programs.
Chris Gargaro - Boys Basketball Coach, Chisago Lakes High School

Wooden's Wisdom is great. He's my favorite coach of all time. I've used his books and quotes so much in my coaching classes and with my team. No coach has ever been as insightful as Wooden. I take something from every issue that you send. I look forward to each and every one. Thanks for taking the time to do this. You are a very fortunate man to have been under John Wooden as an assistant coach.
Kim Elders - Mens Basketball Coach, Cornerstone Univeristy

I appreciate the opportunity to give some feedback. I look forward to receiving the email and gaining knowledge from Coach Wooden. It serves me well! Especially when scripture is woven in. I share it with my leadership team as the information can be implemented in our daily grind.
Jayson Gee

Hope all is going well for you and the family. I absolutely love Wooden's Wisdom read every one of them and always try and see what can help me be not only be a better coach but more importantly a better person. It is great what you have done with this concept. Always try and share some of Coaches insights with our players.If you get down our way make sure you stop by. Tell Gerry hello for me. Keep up the great work.
Jim Zeleznak - Head Men's Basketball Coach, St. Mary's University

Being a guy who had the opportunity to visit with Coach Wooden I think this a valuable resource for people. In addition, it is a great way to continue to recognize Coach Wooden for all he did for anyone who had the pleasure to spent time with Coach Wooden.
Timothy Walsh

I really enjoy Wooden's Wisdom being sent to me. I believe I told you I had a small relationship with Coach Wooden way back in 1974 when I was first becoming a head College basketball coach. He was amazing and I used him as my mentor. After 43 years of coaching basketball I believe it helped me a great deal. I'm the president of the Kiwanis Club and use many of his quotes at the end of our meetings. Yes, continue sending them. I will never get tired of hearing and seeing Coach Woodens' wisdom.
Mac Petty

Thank you for Wooden's Wisdom! I share quotes with my high school players frequently. They are inspiring.
Ed Generali

I really enjoy the Wooden Wisdom. Please, keep them coming.
Bill Berger

You have done a fantastic job with it. I went to Coach's BB camp at Point Loma back in the summer of '77. It was a superb experience, although I was too young to recognize the totality of that at that time. I actually got to spend an afternoon at Coach's place in March of 2004. He was kind enough to invite our team (college baseball) over to talk about the Pyramid. My son's middle name is Wooden after Coach.... Thank you for putting those together. I used them with my middle school girl's team last winter, and they were very helpful.
Bobby Elder

I really enjoy the weekly Woodenisms. I share with my family

I look forward to each and every one. I have a desktop file so I can always refer back to them. Please keep them coming.
Kevin Kanemura

I enjoy this a lot. Please keep it going.
Coach Holum Svmarc

Absolutely love Wooden's wisdom! I forward weekly to Bret Nixon at Houston memorial HS
Mike Carrabine

I have really enjoyed Wooden Wisdom. The more it can be applied in today's modern world the more useful it becomes to active coaches. Keep up the good work
Eric Musselman - Head Coach, Men's Basketball University of Nevada

Love your mission.
Marc Sevans

I forward the letter to my kids, 35 1nd 42, and to many of my friends. See you at the Final Four in Houston. I enjoy the publication. Thank you.
Ray Zebro

Appreciate the Wooden message you are providing and I do share it with others including my adult children
Joe Novak

I share Wooden's Wisdom with many coaching friends. I greatly appreciate what you guys do to promote Coach Wooden's philosophy and wisdom! All the best,
Gus Hauser - UL-Ragin' Cajuns

I kind of feel bad now because I've never shared these with any other coaches. I just assumed that your email list covered most coaches any way. I mean who wouldn't want to hear the wisdom of Coach Wooden?! Haha But I will do a better job of sharing in the future. These emails are filled with some really good stuff. I used them as I wrote summer letters to my guys. So thanks to coach Wooden I sounded much smarter than I normally am! Haha. Again, thanks for the email and I enjoy the things you share from Coach.
Sean Strickland - Head Men's Basketball Coach, Assistant Athletic Director, University of Pittsburgh Greensburg

Have been a member of the Wooden course for around 10 years. As I get emails from you all, I forward them to coaching friends around the state especially when the topics are related to conversations we have had. I find it very helpful. Thanks for all you do.
Bob Traina - Asst, Basketball Coach, Oviedo High School

I look forward to the emails on Tuesday. I have been reading and using many of Coach Wooden ideas for over 37 years now. At first I was interested in only the basketball part of it. As I gain experience I saw that he had more to offer then just basketball. I'm now a middle school Athletic Director and find myself practicing some of his teaching. I guess you can say he has been a mentor to some degree. I have read what I believe to be are all of his books. I do share Wooden's Wisdom with our administers who have what we call cat classes where student who need mentor spend 30 minutes a day with them. They'll use some of the quotes and stories to make a point or a teaching moment. With the goal of helping them to be better students and citizens. I have been using Coach Wooden Two sets of 3's myself with my PE classes for the last several years to teach them that they are accountable for what they do. I hope that I have been able to answer your question and have been of some assistance. Thank you for sharing these lesson with us.
Tef R. Vitaris - AD Seneca Middle School

I enjoy reading through the various lessons about John Wooden and his teachings and philosophy. I met Coach Wooden when I first started in college coaching in 1980 at the Final Four. I later was re-introduced to him by Jim Harrick who has been a long-time friend. Coach was always gracious and courteous and defined the word "class". I've used his teaching approach and his offensive and defensive concepts throughout my coaching career. Very good and it is understandable why Coach was so successful! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read the issues.
Harold Robinson

Wow, these are great! As a young coach, I need this insight.
Granger Shook

Great points made by Coach as always. Students/Players instinctively know when their coach is being real and when he/she is being a phony. In my opinion they will respect you more and play harder for you and for each other when you develop a culture that embraces the playing hard but being willing to acknowledge mistakes and take responsibility for them.
Josh Hubbard

The poem is timely and coaches definition of a setback is nothing but a set up for a come back is a saying that I will keep close to me. Character is everything!
BJ Jones

It is amazing how timely this lesson is. It seems we always have adversity in our lives as educators, but this past week has been a little worse than most. Not allowing adversity to discourage us is one of the best lessons of this program.
John Gies

Great story and analogy. In my coaching career we have lost games on last second shots and hurt tremendously. What I have told the players during that time is that one shot does not lose a game. One shot can win a game but not lose it, too many plays in the course of a game to have one thing affect the outcome. I do say this to the players, if you leave everything out on the court, I can live with the results, sometimes tough but the important thing is to leave it all out on the court. Thanks for this.
Yvonne Sanchez

Another great article. Thanks. hese are very helpful. I truly enjoy them.
Rick Scruggs

I believe the reason for the flip flop involving rules vs. suggestion is related to experience. When we are new in a position we depend on rules for guidence and over time as we gain experience there is a switch. It is like magic how we gain strength and ability from within following (Guidence) or suggestions that are leading to truly a desired result. Coach's suggestions when appliedcan only lead to the best result possible. It's those things that do not look related to the subject at hand that bring the strength thru character to each challenge. i.e. like number 1. Be a gentleman. I think it is applicable because it takes discipline to be a gentleman.
Frank Trovato

Thanks. These are good thing for everyone to follow.
Betty Reagan

Keep sending Wooden Wisdom! It is such a great teaching tool weekly in practice or in life influencing young people Thanks.
Fred Booth

Thank you so much! I have really enjoyed all the issues. I always tried to take something from each issue to see if I could apply it to my daily or coaching life. I would definitely recommend it!
Chris Fruehling

It's been wonderful to receive these lessons. I have used the values learned and in the past lived by many of them as did my husband. But "Be a Mentor" was a refresher course a reminder which I applied have almost subconsciously. The course enabled me to call them up when in trouble and in doubt. Then I reflected back to my emails reviewed them and thought of course that is where I learned and was reminded and that is why I acted as I did. I direct and produce shows here in The Villages and I'm a better director and producer and leader because of my experience with "Be a Mentor". We loved Johnny Wooden. My husband was a coach for 40 years at a small liberal arts college.. Beloit College, in Wisconsin and served on the NABC Board of Directors. We never had the privilege of meeting Coach Wooden but saw him from afar his last year of involvement with the convention. We treasure his book " They Call me Coach" and still have it in our library and refer to it from time to time. You both have been a blessing to us through your work and Coach Wooden philosophy for life. Thanks much.
Joan and Bill Knapton

The Wooden Wisdom Experience has been fantastic. I have and will continue to apply them in my daily life and also in coaching. I can't wait for Wooden Wisdom year 2.
Tom Flaherty

Thank you for sharing so much with all of the coaches...he brought so much to the table!
Ray Zebro - Teacher/Coach Old Tappan HS, Old Tappan, NJ

Keep doing what you're doing. It's great stuff!
David Scrivines

Have used Wooden Wisdom for pre-game and practice talks and discussions! Thank you and please include me in year two.
Sam Harris - Trevecca

Love all the issues! I use them in my college class of foundations of physical education, exercise and sport. I don't have any idea how to make them better, they are excellent as they stand!
Larry Graham - Lindenwood University

I have enjoyed your e mails featuring the Wooden Wisdom course and have shared the thoughts with the young aspiring coaches that I have in the Basketball Coaching course here at The Ohio State University. The articles are quite positive and the students feel that they almost know Coach personally as they follow his teachings. I have worked with Swen at coach Newell's Camp in the past and was privileged to spent a few meetings with Coach Wooden at clinics and social functions while coaching at Duke in the 80's and early 1990s. Those times were some of the most informative and cherished experiences of my career. I just want to thank you for your contributions to this profession as you continue to spread Coach's "wisdom."
Pete Gaudet

Good morning and thank you so much for Wooden's Wisdom, I think this is a great thing for me to be receiving. I have so much to learn.
Steven E. Riddle - Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Events, Point Loma Nazarene University

Great teaching tool for training coaches. Should be required reading in state certification programs for coaches. I am trying to get the United States Sports Academy to include in their on-line Basketball Coaching course. Thanks for your good work
Glenn Snyder

Another great way to start the day with "Wooden's Wisdom". I feel so good and excited after reading something about Wooden and what he stood for.
Arthur Hamm

I stepped down from being a high school head coach this year to focus on other things. I am also a school counselor and they are perfect for my character classes with young people! Keep them coming!
Charlie Pope

I am the former Head Coach of Basketball at the University of Wisconsin in the Big Ten. I was also the National President of the fellowship of Christian athletes for 16 years. Coach Wooden and I and his family were close friends for more than 40 years. I have been impressed with your Wooden's Wisdom series and have saved every copy. I am now 84 and the oldest living former Head Coach at Wisconsin. Thanks for your great work.
John Erickson

Thanks for these wonderful pearls. I have the opportunity to share these gems with my players. I am very grateful to you.
John Moore - Westmont College

The content that "Wooden's Wisdom" provides me on a weekly basis is so good that I fear sharing it all with my colleagues because I selfishly want to keep all of Coach's wisdom to myself!
Alton D. Clark - Jacksonville University Men's Basketball

I look forward to receiving these emails every week. They are refreshing for the mind and soul. Thanks!
Mark E. Darnall

Thanks for putting all of Woodens Wisdom out there for all to see. It is appreciated. - Ron Slaymaker, former college coach of 40 years and a fan of coach Wooden As a longtime advocate and admirer of Coach Wooden his words of wisdom helped me greatly as a coaching lifer. His comments and examples are excellent and they extend far beyond the boundaries of the sports arena. I am most grateful to receive your material.
Coach Lee Rose

I've been receiving Wooden's Wisdom since January, but had put them aside til I had more time to read. Well finally I took the time and OMGness how wonderful they are! Had no idea what I've been missing all this time. Please keep 'em coming. I am missing a few issues. How do I go about getting them? Issue1 vol 2-10 , 13, and 15. Sincere thanks.
Jami Littlejohn

I'm very excited about this weekly newsletter and for being fortunate in discovering Wooden's Wisdom; never too late as they say. I am a pharmacy educator, responsible for coordinating training and education for a staff of ~ 140 people; all ages and backgrounds. I am entering my third year in the position. I hope to use the exercises to help me become a better teacher and to help others become better in their jobs and in their lives. Thank you for this opportunity.
Diane Soulliard

I enjoy receiving Wooden's Wisdom. The material is excellent and I use it in some of the courses that I teach here at Northland International University. It is also a blessing to me personally. Thanks for sending it out regularly. God bless.
Dennis Scott

What a great idea to share this John Wooden material! I find it inspiring to review his thoughts often in this time of turmoil in the athletic world. We can't all be Coach Wooden, but we can all use a little quiet time alone to think about why we do what we do. Like today's athlete and parent and administrator we can all use a little help with the fundamentals.... I find this material very meaningful, both in my own life and in my Sports Psychology classes.
Paul Patterson - Taylor University

I really appreciate receiving Wooden's Wisdom through the NABC, and share it with my grandkids, sons, friends, and even my pastor who is a former player.
Al Nordquist

Continue to be inspired by the words, thoughts and deeds of the greatest coach of all time.
Coach T

The Wooden's Wisdom is outstanding. A must for everyone young and old!
Jerry Kobasa

Love getting these emails. Keep 'em coming!
Travis Carruthers - UT-Dallas Men's Basketball

It's excellent!
Todd Barry - Former Briar Cliff and Northwestern (IA) head coach

My name is Robert Kirby and I simply love Wooden's Wisdom. I try to apply them to every part of my life as well as the court with our team here at Georgetown. I enjoy reading Wooden's Wisdom & share them all with my teen age grand children.
Anne Leomiller

Today, our grand kids were introduced to "Wooden's Wisdom". They loved it. Thank you for sharing him with us.
George Terzian

I look forward to receiving your posts about Coach Wooden and I forward them to colleagues after reading. Not only do your emails reinforce my professional beliefs, they remind me of the importance of striving to be a better person. Even though I have retired from coaching, I find many uses for the "Wooden Wisdom" in my teaching and student advising roles. Thanks again and please keep the emails coming.
Mike Sutton

This is great stuff.
Jim Clark

Thank you for sending all the information on Wooden Wisdom this year. It was great and I hope you continue to include my staff in your emails!!! Today's players and coaches need to somehow get a better understanding of teaching, competition, and sportsmanship... Have used Wooden Wisdom for pre-game and practice talks and discussions! Thank you and please include me in year two.
Sam Harris - Trevecca Basketball

I love these words of wisdom for life. Thanks.
B White

Your synopsis on Coach Wooden's Pyramid's SKILL block is very powerful and right on target! As a high school girl's basketball coach, it fits in perfectly with are student-athlete's post-season mind-set preparation and future learning.
Steve Yarnell

Great concepts to live by. I'm in the evaluating process now, as I prepare for next season. Thanks for the correspondence.
Bobby Braswell

I Love my Wooden Wisdom.

Awesome...rules to live by, to nurture your children with. Just plain Awesome!
Bob Randall

This was the quotes from Coach and from Newton and Franklin....good stuff....thanks for all you do!
Bryce Bow - Florida Christian College, Director of Athletics

I wanted to say thanks for the Wooden Wisdom e-mails that I have received regularly throughout the year. The material is fantastic! I have used these issues in a couple of different ways. As Director of Sports Ministries at Northland International University, I use this material in my classes to communicate a right philosophy of coaching to our students and future coaches. Secondly, as Founder/President of Coaches Sports Philosophy Network (CSPN - I have been able to share some of the material to our network of coaches to encourage them to have a right philosophy and perspective in their coaching.

I love receiving Wooden's Wisdom. The content is fantastic and often very challenging or convicting to me. I often Tweet quotes that I read in these newsletters, and if something is applicable to my basketball team at the moment I will forward it on to them. Very encouraging stuff for a college coach like me that has his ups and downs. Thank you for doing it.
Kyle Taylor - Covenant College, Head Men's Basketball Coach, Director of Athletics

As a young coach in this profession it is always good to read as much as possible from long time successful coaches such as Coach Wooden. I truly enjoy the stories, insight, and wisdom given. From time to time I forward my favorite stories to coaching friends. Thanks for the continued emails.
Byron Taylor - University of North Florida, Men's Basketball Assistant Coach

Thank you so much for doing this for us! I teach Civic Leadership 1 in the 1st semester and Civic Leadership 2 in the 2nd semester. I reference Coach Wooden all the time and use Wooden's Wisdom in both classes. I have the Pyramid of Success hanging in my classroom and give a copy to each of my students. They analyze and discuss the 15 blocks and the 12 Lessons In Leadership. Thanks again for providing such a wonderful resource for me, but most importantly for my students so Coach Wooden's legacy can live on forever!
Rick Bell

All is well after a busy month on the road recruiting! Great to be back! Great to start practice next week!! I love the Wooden's Wisdom emails. Great reminders and pointers in our journey to be better people, better coaches etc.! I reflect on the wisdom and do our best to apply it to our team/program that week/month/year. I share the info and converse about it with our head coach at different times of the year. Coach Wooden will always impact coaches and people along the positive path of life! I do need to do a better job of forwarding the Wisdom and sharing with others outside our staff. I do occasionally but not enough. Hope the feedback helps...appreciate the emails and all you do....
Brian Ostermann

We have a meeting every Sunday with our team where we discuss a specific topic, such as leadership, attitude, work ethic, appreciation, values, etc. I quite often refer to Wooden's Wisdom and share with our players when our topic is one that you have covered in a lesson(s) in your Wooden's Wisdom series. I coach women's basketball at West Virginia State University and the players seem to enjoy the poems and stories, but it also gives some real life experience to the topic at hand. I have found it to be a great resource, and it has also helped me to be a better coach.
David Smith

Hope you are well. I really enjoy & use the Wooden's Wisdom e-mails. I have shared them with my team from time to time. At last count I have 10 different John Wooden books or books about in my collection. I also have to large Pyramid posters I found in the 1980s when I was an assistant at Virginia Tech. One is in my office, one in my team locker room. Your e-mails are a great addition and reminder to his legacy. Hope the NABC continues this connection. Many times the weekly thought is very timely in my life.
Page Moir - NABC Board

Thanks for your email. I think Wooden Wisdom is fantastic. It's hard to fathom how Coach Wooden, or anyone, could possibly be the man that we read/hear about. I have coached in the NY City area since 1985, and now in Orlando, and have built so many beautiful relationships with kids. I have learned so much from Coach Wooden and hadn't had the honor of ever meeting him! His insights, intelligence, core values and love are contagious and motivating to those of us who respect his body of work and accomplishments. Whenever I get an email from the course (you!), there are always quotes that get to the heart of a particular issue or belief that triggers something in me and I forward either the entire email or just a quote to ex players, current players or colleagues. I wish you all the best Craig. Please keep this alive and well.
Steven Bluth

Thanks for including myself on the Wooden's Wisdom e-mail list. Truly much appreciated. I look forward to receiving it every time. I share this Wisdom with our Mens' Basketball Program, the entire Athletic Department, other Campus Organization and Individuals as well as my family. The messages are spot on. They are inspiring and challenge everyone to become a better person. Good Luck & Continued success.
Coach Ray Shovlain

I personally enjoy all of the Wooden's Wisdom with their great advice for living purposely and forthrightly. Coach Wooden was a great coach but a bigger man and his disciplined instruction and leadership demonstrated it. The examples you use are lessons in living and everyone who reads them profit from their meaning. His poetry is great. I have two sons and one grandson in the coaching field and another grandson in college and I always look forward to sending each a copy. Their feedback is always swift with gratitude and appreciation. They love the wisdom lessons and look forward to them with great anticipation. Many times I pass the Wooden's Wisdom on to friends, both male and female, especially those in the coaching field.
Coach Lee Rose

I have thoroughly enjoyed your weekly Wooden's Wisdom e-mails. I am a varsity high school basketball coach and a great admirer of Coach Wooden. Many of his teaching and coaching philosophies have worked their way into my teaching and coaching style. I am also the Athletic Director at Divine Savior Academy, a Christian private school in Doral, Florida, a suburb of Miami. I pass along the Wooden's Wisdom e-mails to my entire coaching staff of 30+ coaches every week and sometimes even share with our entire teaching staff. They quite often generate some good discussion, but they always help coaches reflect upon their own coaching philosophies and beliefs. These e-mails have been a great blessing to me and my coaching staff this school year and are always greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work! And thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn and grow as a coaching staff through the Wisdom of Wooden!
Dan Unke, M.C.A.A. - Middle and High School Athletic Director

I share Wooden's Wisdom quite frequently with young coaches I know , and in particular with my 4 grown children . Only one of them ,Patrick who coaches at LeMoyne , is a coach Wooden's wisdom is tremendous source of knowledge for anyone regardless of their occupation. I read everyone as well and always find a way to incorporate the theme from that weeks edition into the teaching of my team and assistant coaches.
John Beilein

You do an excellent job. Share it with my assts. and team on a regular basis. Enjoy the applications used by the stories that his players tell. Real life applications.
Billy Kennedy

Love it Craig - I keep everyone and put the pages in a 3 ring binder for keeps. My assistant coaches like them as does my high school principal who is a big fan of Coach Wooden. Thanks for your efforts!!
Don Showalter

I worked Coach Woodens camps for over 20 years with great memories!!
Don Showalter

Craig, I have followed and read everything available that Coach Wooden has been associated with since I was a young High School Basketball Coach and he spoke at a clinic in Kentucky and then he stayed after to visit with anyone who wanted to talk basketball! I subsequently coached in college and then went into broadcast tv administration! His teachings were relevant in all these areas and yes I now share the Wooden's Wisdoms with my two sons ! One whom is a collegiate golf coach and the other is in his first year in university athletic administration! Thank you for including me in your distribution!
Wayne Martin

I am starting my 47th year of coaching, so I think you can appreciate what a fan I have always been of Coach Wooden. The material you send me gets laminated and posted all over our basketball locker room. Almost every pre game talk by me has one little tid bit from Coach Wooden. The lessons that can be learned from Coach are so good, I have always shared. I have even passed them along to all my coaching staff so they too can use them with their young men. Thank so much for sending these out to me.
Dennis P Geraghty

The Wooden's wisdom is an absolute must read. Coach Wooden was not only a tremendous basketball coach he was person of great character who live his life serving others both on and off the court. This book provided me with many timely messages that often got me through the day. Whether you are a CEO, CFO, Manager or just someone trying to live a productive life Wooden's wisdom must become part of your game plan.

Coach Wooden was special in so many ways but for me he started his coaching career at South Bend Central High School in South Bend, IN. For he was an idol and true role model to me and I recall as he took Central to the State Finals at Butler Fieldhouse to win it all. As he became a Div. I coach at USCL when he was in town playing ND, I had the opportunity to see him. Wooden Wisdom goes above and beyond what Coach Wooden did to influence so many lives and the game. As a teacher he instilled true values which today have been somewhat lost. Wooden Wisdom offers so much to everyone whether you're in the game as a player/coach, an individual in the corporate world, or young person learning life's lessons.
Coach Tom Nate

I look forward to each installment of Wooden's Wisdom. For me, it provides perspective and helps to keep the main thing the main thing. I view each email as a timely reminder of what truly matters in life and coaching. I frequently share the wisdom of Coach Wooden with others -- my kids, my spouse, my AD and fellow coaches. Thank you for providing this service.
Bob Cavera - Head Men's Basketball Coach USAFA Prep School

Craig - I very much enjoy reading the daily emails! I often share them with my players, our Fellowship of Christian Athletes group on campus and print them off and tape them on my office door! I have enjoyed reading so many of coach Wooden's books. They have had a huge impact on my coaching philosophy and life. The daily emails do such a nice job of breaking down some of the most important highlights and lessons. Thanks for all your work!
Sam Hargraves - Alma College, Head Men's Basketball Coach, Asst AD - Advancement

I forward all Ashe County HS Coaches Wooden's Wisdom each week. I have also used Wooden's Wisdom in Sunday School class. It is outstanding stuff.
Marc Payne

Thanks Craig. It is great. I share it with my staff and players after I get it in my email each time. We also have the pyramid hanging in our lockerroom's.
Danny Manning

Craig, the work you do getting Coach Wooden's message out is AWESOME, I love it. I was blessed to be able to visit with him on 2 occasions when I brought my Anderson University basketball team to the area. Once he came to speak to us when we practiced at Pauly Pavillion and the other time he invited us to his apt. My former players still talk about it. Interestingly, when we visited Pauly, one of my former players, Michael Clarke Duncan came to practice. Coach asked me if he could meet Michael and said his grandchildren would be impressed. Both men were excited that the other wanted to meet them- two very humble men. Impressive to watch. I do forward the letter to my children (3) grandchildren (7) a men's Bible study group (5) some of my former asst. coaches (3). I also use it in a coaching class I teach at the local CC. Thanks for this great resource. Blessing.
Denny Lehnus

All is well here and hope you are doing well too! Thank you for the email. I appreciate receiving the Wooden's Wisdom newsletter a great deal. There are so many topics that I can apply to my experiences/life as a coach and my overall life experiences outside of coaching. My wife and I have a daughter who is about to turn 3 and I really like the newsletter from September 15th: The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. I actually think that parents loving each other could help so many kids in so many areas of their lives and development. I share these things with my players, assistant coaches, fellow coaches and with my family. I never had the privilege of meeting Coach Wooden, but find myself using a lot of his teaching/methods in different areas of my life, in my own way. Hope this helps!
Brian Vraney

Thanks so much for sharing Coach Wooden's Wisdom. There is no doubt that Coach Wooden was one of the best in this business. He really had a grasp of what was really important in this coaching business, teaching "life skills" to his players. I check my email every week with eagerness, hoping to receive something from Coach Wooden's Wisdom that I can share with my team. Thanks again for sharing Coach Wooden's Wisdom!
Robert Thompson - East Central Community College, Head Men's Basketball Coach

I look forward to reading the weekly email and pass it along to the coaches and staff at my school. The information is relative to what educators try to pass on to our peers and students on a daily basis. Thanks for this service and look forward to its continuance.
David Simpkins

I forward all Wooden's Wisdom to our principal, guidance counselor, Bullying Coordinator, and all my assistant coaches. I am starting my 29th year as a head basketball coach and refer to the pyramid of success all the time. I received my master's degree in 2004 in administration and I did my 30 page paper on education leadership based on the pyramid of success. Please keep up the good work!!!
Coach Neely

Your Wooden's Wisdom has helped me not only in coaching but on my outlook on life. I appreciate the time and effort you put into it and hope it will continue.
Mike Ray

I had the honor and pleasure of working Coach Wooden's basketball camps for 18 years as a camp coach and director. I can truly say that reading the Wooden's Wisdom each week takes me back to the time spent with coach at his camps and in his condo. You do a great job of reflecting on his many words of wisdom which I in turn share with my daughters, who are now mothers raising their own families, as well as with my coaching friends. I went to your presentation at the Final 4 a few years ago and enjoyed what you shared at that time and greatly appreciate your commitment to providing the NABC coaches with the weekly newsletter.
Mike Kunstadt

Appreciate your note and the opportunity to say how much I enjoy reading the letters. I share many of them with family and friends and I know they appreciate them as well. I marvel at Coach Wooden's vision, sincerity, and consistency - thanks for taking the time to make the letters available to others. Hope all else is going well for you. Thanks again.
Lon Kruger - Head Basketball Coach, University of Oklahoma

Thanks so much for Wooden Wisdom. I share your email with over three hundred High School, Neighborhood, College and AAU coaches

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