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Issue 564 - "Two Gifts" (Del Harris Part Six)

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Wooden's Wisdom - Volume 11 Issue 564
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This Saturday September 10th, 2022, legendary coach Del Harris will be inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Over sixty years Coach Harris has displayed excellence at every level, first as a player, then as a High School, College, NBA, and International Coach.
In his excellent book, On Point: Four Steps To Better Life Teams, Coach Harris describes the process and importance of "Continuous Learning":
"Learning must be continuous
While accumulating knowledge is an essential element in preparation, your humility must remain intact. As someone once said, "It is what I learned after I thought I knew everything that made me successful." Human beings generally face the danger of becoming too attached to what we have come to consider the "right way" to act or to think in certain circumstances. Though it is important to hold on dearly to proven moral and ethical truths, we need to maintain an openness and willingness to learn as well. An athlete, coach, businessperson, or parent who loses the desire to search for deeper or broader understanding will cease to grow. Once the passion to expand our borders dies, we begin to wither. As we move forward in life, our goal should always be to continue to learn and be flexible in our attitudes and behavior, without violating our moral compass."
Continuous learning requires we see our ability to be self-critical and concerned about our performance as a gift, not as self-doubt or worry.
In his book with Steve Jamison, The Essential Wooden, Coach Wooden commented on the difference between worry and concern:
"Worry" is fretting about the future. "Concern" is figuring out future solutions. When you are "concerned," you're going to analyze and determine where and how to improve. If you are "worried," you're just fretting that things won't turn out right regardless of what you do-wringing your hands and imagining bad things.
"Concern" leads to results; "worry" results in losing a good night's sleep.
We should view honest criticism from others as a gift, not an attack. Without the two gifts of self-criticism and criticism from others, we cannot have "Continuous Learning".
Are you receiving both gifts?

Yours in Coaching,
Craig Impelman




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You cannot gather every rose,
Nor every pleasure claim,
Nor bask in every breeze that blows,
Nor play in every game.

No millionaire could ever own
The world's supply of pearls,
And no man here has ever known
All of the pretty girls.

So take what joy may come your way,
And envy not your brothers;
Enjoy your share of fun each day,
And leave the rest for others.

Edgar Albert Guest (1881-1959)






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