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Issue 567 - The Power of Authentic Humility (Del Harris Part Nine)

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Wooden's Wisdom - Volume 11 Issue 567
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In September of 2022, legendary coach Del Harris was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Over sixty years Coach Harris has displayed excellence at every level, first as a player, then as a High School, College, NBA, and International Coach.
Coach Wooden and Coach Harris both model and understand the importance and definition of "Authentic Humility." Coach Wooden once told me that "False humility is as bad as false pride. If you receive a compliment you deserve, simply say: "Thank You."
In his excellent book, On Point: Four Steps To Better Life Teams, Coach Harris expands on this point: "Humility is not to be confused with self-degradation, which leads to depression, nor the false humility of the "aw-shucks-it-was-nothing" variety. Humility involves consciously sacrificing one’s ego or personal desires for the benefit of another."
In his book, Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren wrote: "Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less."
Coach Harris explained how "Authentic Humility" builds teamwork this way:
"Humility helps an operational relationship to develop into something more personal as well. Successful family, business, political, cultural, and spiritual dynamics often start with operational relationships. These cannot grow or be sustained without some give and take, a sacrificing of egos.
If one party disrupts the balance by always claiming to be right or seeks to seize control in too many situations, the union will weaken or crumble. The same occurs if someone places himself above others by constantly blaming or criticizing.
Humility creates openness and is inclusive, but conceit erects a fence that is exclusive and shuts out. Humility in one’s approach will frame corrective criticism in a more acceptable manner. Arrogance creates dissension and separation, but humility binds together.
Communication with humility means that one person listens to the thoughts and concerns of another in addition to expressing their own opinions. Issues are settled in a humane manner when humility is present. This type of communication raises the likelihood of cooperative effectiveness among the team."
How do you communicate?

Yours in Coaching,
Craig Impelman




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Application Exercise



The June Couple

She is fair to see and sweet,
Dainty from her head to feet,
Modest, as her blushing shows,
Happy, as her smiles disclose,
And the young man at her side
Nervously attempts to hide
Underneath a visage grim
That the fuss is bothering him.

Pause a moment, happy pair!
This is not the station where
Romance ends, and wooing stops
And the charm from courtship drops;
This is but the outward gate
Where the souls of mortals mate,
But the border of the land
You must travel hand in hand.

You who come to marriage, bring
All your tenderness, and cling
Steadfastly to all the ways
That have marked your wooing days.
You are only starting out
On life's roadways, hedged about
Thick with roses and with tares,
Sweet delights and bitter cares.

Heretofore you've only played
At love's game, young man and maid;
Only known it at its best;
Now you'll have to face its test.
You must prove your love worthwhile,
Something time cannot defile,
Something neither care nor pain
Can destroy or mar or stain.

You are now about to show
Whether love is real or no;
Yonder down the lane of life
You will find, as man and wife,
Sorrows, disappointments, doubt,
Hope will almost flicker out;
But if rightly you are wed
Love will linger where you tread.

There are joys that you will share,
Joys to balance every care;
Arm in arm remain, and you
Will not fear the storms that brew,
If when you are sorest tried
You face your trials, side by side.
Now your wooing days are done,
And your loving years begun.

Edgar Albert Guest (1881-1959)






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