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Issue 620 - "Participation Creates Power" (Liz Wiseman, Red Auerbach and John Wooden)

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Wooden's Wisdom - Volume 12 Issue 620
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Liz Wiseman is a bestselling author, researcher, and elite leadership coach. In her New York Times bestseller, Multipliers: she researched over 150 leaders worldwide.
Liz Wiseman, Red Auerbach and Coach Wooden agree on the importance of having a good strategy. They also understand the importance of having team members participate in the actual implementation of that strategy.
In her book, Wiseman describes how the over eager manager can diminish team energy. She refers to this type of manager as "The Strategist":
"The Strategist is the big thinker who casts a compelling vision of the future.
Certainly, a wise leader knows how crucial it is to provide the big picture, the context, the "why" behind what the team is doing. And it is. But sometimes a strategic, visionary leader can go too far and be too prescriptive.
He might not be leaving enough space for others to think through the challenges themselves and generate the intellectual muscle needed to make a vision a reality. People can spend their time second-guessing what the boss wants rather than finding answers themselves.
This leader would generate more movement by seeding a challenge rather than selling a big vision. If you’ve built a reputation as a big thinker, don’t be surprised if people save the big thinking for you."
Between 1959 and 1966 Red Auerbach led the Boston Celtics to eight consecutive NBA Championships. In the 75-year history of the NBA the next best any team has done is three consecutive championships.
Auerbach routinely would tell his players they needed a new play to get a certain player more shots. Then he would instruct the team to design the play themselves as he supervised without meddling.
Between 1967 and 1973 John Wooden led UCLA to seven consecutive NCAA Championships. In the 83-year history of NCAA Basketball the next best any team has done is two consecutive championships.
John Wooden was sitting on the sideline thirty minutes prior to every practice to discuss anything his players wanted to talk about.
What do you do to create participation?

Yours in Coaching,
Craig Impelman




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The Pathway of the Living

The pathway of the living is our ever-present care.
Let us do our best to smooth it and to make it bright and fair;
Let us travel it with kindness, let's be careful as we tread,
And give unto the living what we'd offer to the dead.

The pathway of the living we can beautify and grace;
We can line it deep with roses and make earth a happier place.
But we've done all mortals can do, when our prayers are softly said
For the souls of those that travel o'er the pathway of the dead.

The pathway of the living all our strength and courage needs,
There we ought to sprinkle favors, there we ought to sow our deeds,
There our smiles should be the brightest, there our kindest words be said,
For the angels have the keeping of the pathway of the dead.

Edgar Albert Guest (1881-1959)






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