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Issue 630 - Persistent and Consistent (J.K. Rowling)

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Wooden's Wisdom - Volume 13 Issue 630
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British author Joanne Rowling, also known as J.K. Rowling, is an inspiration for being "Persistent and Consistent."
Rowling is the richest author in the world, with a net worth of $1 billion. She is the author of the hit children’s fantasy series "Harry Potter." The seven-volume series has sold over 600 million copies.
J.K. Rowling was a divorced, single mom, sometimes living on welfare when she was writing the Harry Potter books. She walked her daughter in her stroller until she fell asleep, then rushed to the nearest café to get out as many pages as she could before the baby woke up.
In 1995, after five years of work, she submitted her first Harry Potter manuscript to twelve British publishers and was rejected by all of them. One publisher advised her: "It’s far too long for children".
The head of one publisher, Bloomsbury, handed the manuscript to her granddaughter, who couldn’t put it down until she finished reading the entire thing. Bloomsbury finally gave Harry Potter the green light a year later. Had the little girl not loved the story, Harry Potter might not have been published.
More than a decade later, J. K. Rowling sent out the manuscript of her new book, The Cuckoo’s Calling, to publishers under a pseudonym (Robert Galbraith) because she wanted her work to stand on its own merit rather than on her fame. The editor who read and rejected the book said it was "quiet" and "didn’t stand out "and suggested the author take a writing course.
Her Robert Galbraith books have sold over 11 million copies.
How "Persistent and Consistent" are you?

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It's bedtime, and we lock the door,
Put out the lights- the day is o'er;
All that can come of good or ill,
The record of this day to fill,
Is written down; the worries cease,
And old and young may rest in peace.

We knew not when we started out
What dangers hedged us all about,
What little pleasures we should gain,
What should be ours to bear of pain.
But now the fires are burning low,
And this day's history we know.

No harm has come. The laughter here
Has been unbroken by a tear;
We've met no hurt too great to bear,
We have not had to bow to care;
The children all are safe in bed,
There's nothing now for us to dread.

When bedtime comes and we can say
That we have safely lived the day.
How sweet the calm that settles down
And shuts away the noisy town!
There is no danger now to fear
Until to-morrow shall appear.

When the long bedtime comes, and I
In sleep eternal come to lie-
When life has nothing more in store,
And silently I close the door,
God grant my weary soul may claim
Security from hurt and shame.

Edgar Albert Guest (1881-1959)






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