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Don’t Let The Disapproval Of Others Stop You From Pursuing A Noble Goal. (Jia Jiang and John Wooden)

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Wooden's Wisdom - Volume 13 Issue 641
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In his book "Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success," Coach Wooden defined what a noble goal is:
"Ambition is a feeling or a desire to achieve a goal. Usually that goal revolves around a person's definition of success or greatness. I believe we are most likely to succeed when ambition is focused on noble and worthy purposes and outcomes rather than on goals set out of selfishness. If our ambition is to be highly publicized, receive a lot of recognition, attain a position of power or prestige, or make a lot of money, we do not have noble goals. If we are focused away from ourselves and on the team and others, we possess noble goals."
In his book, "Rejection Proof", ( ), Jia Jung talks about not letting the disapproval of others discourage us:
"Rejection, in some cases, is a result of being ahead of a curve. Throughout history, we’ve seen countless examples of people who were rejected or even persecuted for their beliefs but vindicated by time. Galileo’s scientific theories were declared heretical.
Good ideas can face an uphill climb in many instances, especially if these ideas are creative in nature. Human beings have tendencies to cling on to traditions and conventional wisdom. If someone thinks your idea is "incredibly stupid," consider the possibility that you might be on to something."
When John Wooden’s college coach, Piggy Lambert, introduced fast break basketball, in Indiana in the 1920’s, it was called racehorse basketball, and widely written that fans would never want to watch such a style.
What’s your latest creative noble goal?

Yours in Coaching,
Craig Impelman




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Application Exercise



The Joy Of Getting Back

There ain't the joy in foreign skies that those of home possess,
An' friendliness o' foreign folks ain't hometown friendliness;
An' far-off landscapes with their thrills don't grip me quite as hard
As jes' that little patch o' green that's in my own backyard.

It's good to feel a stranger's hand grip heartily your own,
It's good to see a stranger's smile when you are all alone ;
But though a stranger's grip is warm, an' though his smile is sweet
There's something in the home folks' way that has the stranger's beat.

A railroad train that's outward bound bears many a man an' dame
Who think a thousand miles away the sunsets brighter flame;
An' seekin' joys they think they lack they pack their grips an' roam,
An' just as I, they some day find the sweetest joys at home.

Away from home the girls are fair an' men are kind of heart,
An' there you'll always find a few who sigh when you depart,
But though you rode a million miles o'er gleaming railroad track
You'd never find a joy to beat the joy of gettin' back.

Edgar Albert Guest (1881-1959)






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