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Issue 110 - If You Do Not Have the Time to do it Right, When Will You Have the Time to Do it Over?

Woodens Wisdom
Wooden's Wisdom - Volume 3 Issue 110
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As I sat down to begin writing this issue of Wooden’s Wisdom, I decided I would get myself a nice cold glass of pomegranate juice.
Having removed the bottle from the refrigerator I gave it a few good shakes. Since I did not put the cap on properly when I last used it; I was able to spray pomegranate juice on my shirt and the kitchen floor.
As I spent five minutes cleaning the kitchen floor, while thinking about my future dry-cleaning bill to remove the pomegranate stain from my shirt, I reflected that If you do not have the time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? might be Coach Wooden’s most useful self coaching quote when beginning a task.
Every time I neglect doing a detail correctly the first time, sooner or later it creates more work for me and others involved in the task.
I am not unique in this regard. In my experience of working with companies all over America I consistently encounter frustrated administrative personnel who do unnecessary work because salespeople and managers don't get the details right the first time.
Last year at the Wooden Cup awards in Atlanta, honoree Jack Nicklaus told the audience that If you do not have the time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over was his favorite John Wooden quote.
He continued by sharing that this quote is one that his wife Barbara has posted on the refrigerator at home. I laughed as it also is the quote my wife uses on me the most frequently.
Mr. Nicklaus emphasized the importance of this idea in the design and execution of building golf courses, and in his personal routine as a golf professional as only almost perfect practice leads to peak performance.
Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban said it was his experience washing cars at his father's gas station that developed his do it right the first time habits. If a car was not washed and waxed perfectly the first time, his father would make him do it all over; starting from scratch.
Magic Johnson credits his father in the same manner, as he demanded young Earvin execute perfection in their trash pickup business. It was either do it right the first time or go back out in the snow and freezing temperatures and do it again.
Coach Wooden credited his father Joshua for his do it right the first time habits. Joshua insisted that young John complete every chore on the farm properly and completely before moving on to other activities.
I am going to get another glass of pomegranate juice. It shouldn’t take as long or be as expensive. I put the cap back on properly this time.
Yours in Coaching,
Craig Impelman
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Favorite Poetry


 I still put my socks on the very same way


It has been many years since I was a collegian
But I still can remember that very first day
When my teacher bent down with the sock demonstration
And I still put my socks on the very same way.

Now I'm fifty and one and he's over ninety
And now both of us glitter with silver and gray
And I don't play much hoops now nor tennis nor handball
But I still put on my socks the very same way.

My teacher lives far from the place that I live now.
When I pull up my socks I can still hear him say,
"You just start with the toes and smooth over the ankles."
So I still put my socks on the very same way.

Oh don't get me wrong now, there have been temptations
Just to leave a small wrinkle and sin for a day,
And to take a small chance of just one little blister.
But I still put my socks on the very same way.

So what's so important ‘bout proper sock fitting
And what does “no wrinkles” have to do with today?
It's a pound of the cure but an ounce of prevention.
So I still put my socks on the very same way.

So I still love the game and I still love the contest
And I still love the mem’ries of when we would play.
Yes, I still love my coach and I still love my teacher
And I still put my socks on the very same way.

Swen Nater 





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