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Issue 223 - Show Great Patience and Do Not Expect Too Much Too Soon

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Wooden's Wisdom - Volume 5 Issue 223
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The young man rose nervously and took the microphone. It was question and answer time in the auditorium at Flintridge Prep High School.
“Coach Wooden, next season will be my first as a head coach at the high school level. What advice would you give me?”
Coach Wooden smiled and calmly replied: Be patient.
“Thank you Coach, the young man replied anxiously, what other advice would you give me?”
Coach Wooden smiled and calmly replied: Be patient.
Confucius commented on this timeless wisdom in 500 B.C.:
Patience: Do not be desirous of having things done quickly. Do not look at small advantages. The desire to have things done quickly prevents their being done thoroughly. Looking at small advantages prevents great affairs from being accomplished. With time and patience, the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown.
In his book Practical Modern Basketball, Coach Wooden stressed the importance of patience:
Lack of patience is possibly the greatest fault of the beginning coach. Progress comes slowly in many respects. The formation of new habits and the breaking of old ones are not quick change propositions.
That being said, Coach Wooden always stressed planning, taking action and time management. He wanted patience with action. He summed it up this way:
Patience is not just sitting there twiddling your thumbs, waiting to see what the future brings. Rather it is a calm self-possession in confronting problem issues.
Wayne Dyer, in his book Wisdom of the Ages, gave great advice on how to be an active decision maker and combine that with patience in the best possible way:
Impatience breeds fear, stress, and discouragement. Patience manifests itself in confidence, decisiveness and a feeling of peaceful satisfaction.
As you look at your own life, examine how frequently you demand an immediate indicator of success for yourself and others, and attempt instead to see the larger picture.
When you are on purpose and see the larger picture, you are able to let go of an inclination to seek validation in the form of merit badges and immediate applause.
Take action, do the right thing and keep the big picture in mind.
“Infinite patience produces immediate results”

Yours in Coaching,
Craig Impelman
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Our Father, up in heaven,
Hear this fervent prayer--

May the people of All Nations,
Be United in Thy Care,

For earth's peace and man's salvation
Can come only by Thy grace
And not through bombs and missiles
And our quest for outer space.
For until all men recognize
That "The Battle Is The Lord's"
And peace on earth cannot be won
With strategy and swords,

We will go on vainly fighting,
As we have in ages past,
Finding only empty victories
And a peace that cannot last.
But we've grown so rich and mighty
And so arrogantly strong,
We no longer ask in humbleness -
"God, show us where we're wrong".

We have come to trust completely
In the power of man-made things,
Unmindful of God's mighty power
And that He is "King Of Kings".
We have turned our eyes away from Him
To go our selfish way,
And money, power and pleasure
Are the gods we serve today.

And the good green earth God gave us
To peacefully enjoy,
Through greed and fear and hatred
We are seeking to destroy.
Oh, Father, up in heaven,
Stir and wake our sleeping souls,
Renew our faith and lift us up
And give us higher goals,

And grant us heavenly guidance
As war threatens us again.
For, more than Guided Missiles,
All the world needs Guided Men.

Helen Steiner Rice 






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