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Issue 268 - If you're a great teacher and don't have any knowledge, what are you going to teach?

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Wooden's Wisdom - Volume 6 Issue 268
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Coach Ronnie Arrow has a great phrase: When effort meets learning, you get development. Whether you are trying to develop yourself or others, learning is required, and as Coach Wooden points out, learning requires knowledge.
The fundamental idea of improving a little each day requires gaining a little knowledge each day, otherwise your effort will simply be activity without achievement.
Coach Wooden had several habits that helped him gain a little knowledge each day.
In addition to reading the Bible every day, Coach was constantly reading books on a variety of topics ranging from the great philosophers to Shakespeare to biographies to technical books on basketball. As he read, he underlined or marked in the margins in pencil the ideas he found helpful.
Coach took these ideas he learned and wrote short essays on a variety of topics ranging from personal improvement to the technical aspects of basketball.
Although he had already been a Coach for thirteen years when he came to UCLA, Coach enrolled in psychology classes to gain knowledge on how to better connect with his players. He also continued attending Coaching Workshops throughout his career. Coach was known to arrive early and stay to the end of workshops; sitting in the front row and taking notes all day.
Coach constantly engaged other coaches in conversations irrespective of whether they were a junior high or professional coach, and listened and learned.
Technology has made our access to knowledge easier and easier. There is a free app called overdrive which allows you to download free audio and e books from any library you have a card to. Free podcasts are available on a variety of topics. We certainly don't have to limit our daily knowledge increase to the Kardashians.
Success magazine just published a link 71 of 2016's Best Books to Make You Successful for some great reading.
Rich Karlgaard just wrote a great article on: Best Sports Books For Business -
It's easy to say: I want to improve a liittle each day. First you must gain a little knowledge each day. As Coach points out, without the knowledge what will you teach yourself?
What is your daily knowledge addition program? Learn something new every day.

Yours in Coaching,
Craig Impelman
Twitter: @woodenswisdom




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THEY do me wrong who say I come no more
When once I knock and fail to find you in;
For every day I stand outside your door
And bid you wake, and rise to fight and win.

Wail not for precious chances passed away!
Weep not for golden ages on the wane!
Each night I burn the records of the day--
At sunrise every soul is born again!

Dost thou behold thy lost youth all aghast?
Dost reel from righteous Retribution's blow?
Then turn from blotted archives of the past
And find the future's pages white as snow.

Art thou a mourner? Rouse thee from thy spell;
Art thou a sinner? Sins may be forgiven;
Each morning gives thee wings to flee from hell,
Each night a star to guide thy feet to heaven.

Laugh like a boy at splendors that have sped,
To vanished joys be blind and deaf and dumb;
My judgments seal the dead past with its dead,
But never bind a moment yet to come.

Though deep in mire, wring not your hands and weep;
I lend my arm to all who say "I can!"
No shame-faced outcast ever sank so deep
But yet might rise and be again a man!

Walter Malone (1866-1915)






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