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Issue 269 - A leader who lacks enthusiasm will prevent those under his or her supervision from reaching their collective potential.

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Wooden's Wisdom - Volume 6 Issue 269
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Bill Johnson got up early. He made himself breakfast because he wanted to let his amazing wife Alice sleep in on their 20th anniversary. As Bill drove to work at XYZ Industries, where he was the plant manager, he got a little stomachache. He wasn't such a good cook after all.
As Bill walked across the plant floor to his office with a slight scowl due to his self-imposed stomachache, the employees took note; "Oh, Oh, they collectively thought: Bill is in a bad mood today."
Bill’s assistant Alice came into his office and said: "Bill you don't look so happy, is everything okay? Bill replied; "Everything is fine, I just had a bad breakfast and have a little stomachache."
Alice told her coworker Tom: "Bill is fine. I guess Alice just made him a bad breakfast and he has a stomachache."
Tom told Joe: "Bill is okay; he’s just got some problems at home. You know, Alice is not a very good cook."
Joe told Judy: "Bill is okay, he's just having problems with Alice."
Judy told John: "It is so sad. I heard Alice and Bill are breaking up."
John walked in the Bill's office and said: "Boss I'm so sorry to hear you and Alice are getting a divorce, is there anything I can do to help?"
The astounded Bill replied; "John, what on earth are you talking about? Today is our 20th wedding anniversary and I've never been more in love."
Bad collective communication had struck again. It all started with a scowl from the boss.
A person in a position of leadership should be aware that their body language, facial expressions or tone of voice can sometimes impact not only the person that they are speaking to, but also the group as a whole.
The spouse who walks in the door from work in a bad mood can have a negative effect on the entire family.
The boss who walks out of his or her office with slumped shoulders after a difficult phone call, can put a damper on the entire team.
The opposite is true as well. The spouse or boss who enters the domicile or workplace with a big smile and a positive, enthusiastic word for everybody can truly brighten the whole environment.
Before you walk in the door from work or enter the workplace in the morning, look in the car mirror and do a "Happy Face Check". Put a big smile on your face and a bounce in your step. Now you are ready to help the team reach its collective potential.

Yours in Coaching,
Craig Impelman
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True Nobility

Who does his task from day to day
And meets whatever comes his way,
Believing God has willed it so.
Has found real greatness here below.

Who guards his post, no matter where,
Believing god must need him there,
Although but lowly toil it be,
Has risen to nobility.

For great and low there's but one test:
'Tis that each man shall do his best.
Who works with all the strength he can
Shall never die in debt to man.

Edgar Guest

Gradatim (an excerpt)

Heaven is not reached at a single bound;
But we build the ladder by which we rise
From the lowly earth, to the vaulted skies,
And we mount to its summit round by round.
I count this thing to be grandly true:
That a noble deed is a step toward God,
Lifting the soul from the common clod
To a purer air and a broader view.

Josiah Gilbert Holland






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